Friday, August 14, 2009

Now we breathe...

Well today was a big day for us. One we were waiting for with excitement and well, anxiety too. Dr. LePichon came and asked how Kylie was doing: crawling (yes), feeding herself (yes), playing peekaboo (yes), talking (yes), pulling herself up (yes), seizures (NO!!) Looks like our baby girl passed one of the biggest, most important tests of her life..okay, now I am crying! But they are good, happy tears :)

Then he said he would be right back so he could take a look at the EEG she had on Wednesday... what? he hadn't looked at it yet. So of course, we held our breath until he came back to the room. He said he wanted us to take a look at it. He showed us and from what we could remember from our wonderful research, we could see that it looked okay...but hey, we are no experts. Actually it was better than okay, Dr. LePichon said "It's stone cold normal." In case you missed the translation on that, it is abosultely AWESOME!! NORMAL

The last couple EEGs she had were essentially normal, but with some abnormalities... abnormalities that would not typically be reported in most patients, but they had to note them with her history. Anyway, we didn't even have any of that this time. ALL was NORMAL!

Our doc said he still firmly believes that Kylie's case of Infantile Spasms is an idiopathic one, meaning no cause. Are we still worried about something returning, well of course, what parent wouldn't be. The good side of it is that we are on the right track, Kylie is doing amazing and we couldn't love her anymore.

Hope you enjoy the pics I took of her after her nap today. We just love this doll baby so much!


Liz said...

That is fabulous news! And she is just adorable in the new pictures. Love them!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news. May she only continue to improve and thrive.

baby trevor's mommy said...

I am OVER the moon for you guys! I know that was a huge test to get through.

And the normal EEG is WONDERFUL news! Helps with the whole breathing thing... ;)

She's a cutie! Great pix, mommy-o!


MJStump said...

Thank you guys for your excitement with our news!

It is amazing how good it feels to breathe :)

We love you guys so much for being a part of our family and walking through this with us!!

Laura said...

Yayyyyy! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Tears! :)


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