Sunday, March 20, 2011

Now I know...

... my ABCs!

Okay, so it seems like it wasn't all too long ago when we posted this to our blog....Kylie repeating her ABCs after us. When her and I were in the car a couple days ago, she just started saying all of her ABCs. Isn't it funny how they do these things when you are not able to capture them on film or video, and then when you are ready, they don't want to do anything?

Well, this one will go in the record books. Because Kylie was willing to be bribed to get some footage of her saying her ABCs. She started spouting them off this morning as we were getting ready for church. I told Matt to bribe her with some marshmallows and see if she would say them again. She wanted Matt to shoot her with the marshmallows...I'm sorry, I still need to put some video of that on here. But yeah, it did the trick. She said her ABCs with Matt filming her, and then she got to chase after some marshmallows that Matt shot at her....she is such a goofball. A cute one at that.

So here is the footage you have been waiting for. Kylie saying her ABCs. She skips the letter E and V, but not too bad for being 2....and a genius. Yep, proud mommy and daddy right here :)

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