Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mousey Pack

So were are totally not accustomed to winning things, because well, luck would have it that we don't really have much luck at all. That all changed when I decided to enter in the giveaway that our bloggy friend, Danielle was having. How about we won! I'm certain I was more excited than Kylie was when she found out she was getting a surprise from her friend Trevy.

After looking at all of our options of what to do with our newly found winnings, we decided for a backpack. For one thing, they are uber cute, and secondly, they are therapeutic since the deep pressure they create for kids has a calming effect...great for the high anxiety little lady.

I wanted Kylie to decide whick backpack she was going to get...they just get so empowered when they have input, and it makes them sooooo much more excited to actually play with and use the things they get to select. Anyway, I was secretly hoping she would want the owl pack, because I so loved it. She honestly said she wanted each one of them at different times of me asking her. Later in the day I asked her again, and she was absolutely adamant about the cute, little Mouse backpack.

Kylie didn't really understand why it didn't magically appear in our house after placing the order, but she was so excited when it arrived in the mail. It had arrived when we were out of the house this past Saturday, but since we were already late getting Kylie down for her nap, we decided to wait until she woke up to give it to her....otherwise the nap would not have happened....kinda like it has not been happening so much lately...more on that at a later time.

Here is the video we got of Kylie opening up her gift from her friend Trevor. We tried to get her to say "thank you," but of course the stimulation from a surprise upon waking from a nap was more than enough, she was not about to play the monkey and repeat whatever we asked of her. But you can see how she turns away, all coy when we tell her that it came from her friend Trevor.

Just after the video camera was turned off, she immediately started putting whatever she could grab first to put in it....you can see she was loving every minute of it too!

Telling me that her backpack is a mouse

One the zipper pulls are little triangle shapes to look like cheese...it is so cute! She was pretending to eat the cheese in this pic.

Yay...we finally got her to pose while holding her backpack!

If she hadn't turned away, you would have seen the biggest smile ever once daddy helped her put on her backpack.

A HUGE thank you to Danielle for having a giveaway, and allowing us to update our status to winners...winners of something so cute, and fun for our sweet Kylie!

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