Tuesday, March 1, 2011

All things Kylie

Singing Sensation

A couple times now, we have overheard Kylie singing a few different songs...Happy Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Jingle Bells. It is the cutest thing ever! Unfortunately, we have not been able to capture this on video...but it is our goal to get it :)

Just to add to the Happy Birthday song...most times that she sees a candle, she will start singing it...kind of cute how she associates candles with singing the birthday song.


Since Kylie is so independent, she wants to do everything herself. She insisted one night that she was going to wash herself during bathtime. I told her to let mommy do it first and then it would be her turn. It was really cute seeing her try to manipulate the washcloth just right, so she can start scrubbing.

I know we are getting closer to losing the battle of asking her to let us do it first and then she can do it. The tantrums are beginning to creep in more...no fun.

Hair Stylist

The other night Matt was talking about making an apptmt to get his haircut. Kylie walked over to Matt to work on his hair. She started pretending to wash it, and then Matt asked if she was going to cut his hair. She then started pulling on his hair. Well that is one way to shorten it...just pull it out. Poor Matt.

No well= No Sleep

A couple weeks ago Kylie started waking up in the middle of the night at 1am. The weekend before this started, she was running a bit of a temperature, and then it was okay and then back again. I called the pediatrician, and they said since it wasn't 101, that they were not concerned and to keep an eye on her.

After a few nights of the 1am wakeup call, she started waking up twice a night, then 3 times a night. It was like having a newborn all over again...no sleep for anyone. At least with a newborn, they wake you by fussing a bit and then crying if you wait too long. Nope, Kylie wouldn't make a sound, you would be in a deep sleep and be rudely awakened by her beating on her door, to let us know she wanted out.

After a week of that, she was got this horrible cough that sounded like something was coming up when she was coughing...of course it happened over the weekend. That feeling of something coming up when she coughed scared her enough that she wouldn't cough it up, and would gag and then make herself throw up. Once Monday got here, we were at the dr, and they discovered she had 2 ear infections, and everything was draining and that is more than likely why she was waking in the night.

So she went from never having an ear infection before, to having two. I guess when she does something, she really does it. She has been doing better with the sleeping, so that is nice. I am just waiting for the crabbyness to go away. She only wants her daddy, and mommy can't say or do anything to please her when daddy is around. At first it was kinda sad, but it quickly turned into me being happy to let Matt do anything she wants, so I don't have to deal with her yelling and whining when I try to help her. Anytime the princess wants to come back, I will be happy...the not so nice munchkin that is taking over isn't nearly as pleasant.

New Name

So Kylie is a goofball, that is certain...she gets it all from her daddy :) When watching Sesame Street one day, Super Grover made an appearance. Later that day, she said she was Super Kylie, and I was Super Mommy. Wonder where I can go pick up those super powers of mine...I will take some Super-charged Energy to start off.

She loves the Barnyard movie, and has told us that her name is "Otis from Barnyard," so no, not Otis, but "Otis from Barnyard."

Ballerina in the Making

Some friends of ours gave us a couple of tutus, after me sharing that Kylie wants to be a ballerina. Kylie was a bit hesitant about trying them on....she is still not sure about new things. Though we tend to have an advantage when we get to tell her that they came from her friends...she gets excited and we can get her to try things better.

Anyhow, after a few times of wearing a tutu here and there, Kylie kept it on one time for quite a while....long enough for some super cute pics. Oh, and for some reason she thinks that ballerinas wear crowns...makes for cuter pics!

Doing her ballerina dance

Looks like she just granted a wish

One of my favorites!

Love this one too....looking at herself in the mirror & pointing at herself to acknowledge she is a ballerina!

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