Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Belated Moo Day

*I wrote this a couple days ago, so don't think I am a blogging fool :)

Okay, so I know I am really, really behind on posting things to the blog, but I have a great excuse.....I have a 2 year old :)

I have let Kylie's random things jump ahead of the posts that I am behind on, and is just setting me further and further back. Just blame it on Kylie for being so cute and amazing that I can't keep up with things, and simply making everything a blur for me to know what came first, and when to find the time to blog about it all.

So here goes, it is my goal to try and catch up on the many over due posts before posting anything new. Let's see how well I do.

Kylie turned 2 on November 4th, and I have not posted about her party. Wow, I sound like a bad mommy blogger....sorry guys, sorry Kylie. Better late than never, right?

Since Kylie love animals, we thought we would do a barn themed birthday party. If only we were able to get a pony it would have been perfect. Anyhow, I started doing some research and creative thinking, and got a lot of fun ideas for the party. I found the schematics for making a barn out of a refrigerator box, which is really hard to come by. Matt's assignment was to build the barn and he did an awesome job! We decorated balloons to look like animals: chicks, pigs, and sheep. You will see everything in the pics below.

Kylie and Dylan playing in the barn. All of the kids LOVED it! It was really cute watching them go in and out of it, and then try to put all of the animals (balloons) in the barn.

I found a video that showed step-by-step instructions on how to make a barn cake and some farm animal cupcakes.

Kylie's best friend's mommy, good friend too, came over the morning of Kylie's party and helped me decorate the cupcakes....there is no way I could have done it all without her help!

Me helping Kylie blow out her candle. She actually tried to blow it out, so that was cute!

Kylie trying to sneak a cupcake after we sang happy birthday to her....she was not about to wait to be served a cupcake.

It's like she is saying It's my party, and I will eat a cupcake when I want, so please let me be.

She did such a great job at eating the cupcake and not getting stressed out about the icing, and having to touch it...yay!


To keep along with the farm theme, we had Moo Juice (milk)

Chicken Feed (Chex Mix)

Cow Tails (White Chocolate Covered Pretzels)

I don't have a picture, but we had Fresh Garden Veggies (Veggies and Dip), a Cheese Tray, and I'm sure something else that I am forgetting. Thanks so much to Matt's mom (aka Grandma Nancy) for providing basically all of the snacks and food! Once again, not possible without her help.

Here are the little treat bags that we had for the kids. I had lots of fun making them and all of the other things for Kylie's party. This is something I love to do, and though it is a lot of work (more than I ever expect it to be) I enjoy seeing how much fun everyone has!

I had little buckets on the tables, with paper, crayons, and farm stickers for everyone to write a note to Kylie. I did something like this for her first birthday too. I always want some sort of keepsake from each year for her to have.

Before I type much more, I want to thank Danya again, because she came early to help me set up, as frantic as I was to get everything all together before the party started. She also took a ton of pictures for us, so we could take care of everyone and keep everything flowing. Yay for great friends!

Here is a shot of Kylie's cake table, featuring the "Happy Moo Day" sign that I made her.

Pics of some of the kids enjoying their cupcakes...yummy!

Kylie sharing a moment with her Grandma Nancy.

One of the activities for the kids was to draw the spots on the cow, since they were missing. They really liked this too!

Matt made this bean bag game for the kids. I added the cow spots and made the bean bags.

Kylie really did a great job opening her presents this year...way more into it than she was last year, so that was fun to see!

Kylie was so excited when she opened a doll that Frandma (Great Grandma Frances) made for her. I cried when she opened it, because handmade gifts are so sentimental and made with so much love! She did toss the doll around, but she absolutely loved it!

A whole lot of presents for a little lady

Once we got home and unloaded everything, we snapped another pic of all that she received from friends and was like Christmas!

We decided to put all of her gifts away in the basement, and just take one out at a time, so she would be able to enjoy each gift equally, and not bounce around among them all. This was a great idea, because it was great for a reward system for her, and when we had to go to doctor's apptmts and such, we would bring out a new toy to take, in hopes to help distract her.

Now if we were really thinking, we would have just re-wrapped them all and put them under the tree at Christmas....just kidding :)

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What a super cute party idea!


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