Monday, July 2, 2012

Orange Popsicles and Some Zoo Time

I noticed that Kylie's Royals dress I made her last year, was not quite fitting her as well this year, so I just had to make her another one :)  Doesn't she look like the cutest little Royals fan?!  Matt said a few different women at the game complimented her on the dress, and some even asked to take her picture....they wanted to capture the cute dress to replicate it.  My sweet, and smart girl told them no and ran  

Nothing says Kansas like humidity and high temps.  I think we had some 90 degree weather or so in May, so it was time to play outside in the water.  She is just so darn cute in that swimsuit too!

Silly scrunched up face.

Nothing better than water play outside with the slip n side and sprinkler to guarantee a nap in the afternoon.  But note, be sure to play about an hour before naptime...if you play too early, no nap.

Our new friends from church were celebrating National Orange Popsicle Week, and Kylie wanted to get in on the action too!  NOPW is to celebrate life and remind us what a stroke is and the effects it can have.  Click here to go to Amy and Jonny's blog to learn more about her incredible and miraculous story. 

Kylie is the #1 Mill Valley Girls Soccer fan.  The girls team went to the state championship game in Topeka, so we had to let her see the girls play!  Just look at how happy she was to be there cheering for them :)

There they are, the state runner-ups in their division!  They were great, and we loved supporting and cheering for them all the way to state!

Okay, one more pic of her...this one was a bit sweaty, but still cute :) Oh, and one huge thing was after the game we waited for our favorite player to congratulate her on a good game.  She picked Kylie up and Kylie smiled and didn't try to wriggle away...she gave her fives too!

While we were in Topeka, we visited the zoo.  Kylie actually stuck her head through these cute litle penguin cutouts for some pics...woohoo!

She sure does make one cute little penguin!

Hmm...I think she was peeking through to look at the giraffes in this one...cause peering through the slates of a fence is so cute that I had to take a pic :)

She is definitely daddy's little shots like these!

Climbing the gorilla...take that King Kong!

We even got a "cheese" pic!

I think this girl has got that lion loving that she is now starting to be still for pics...getting her to look at the camera is a challenge, so I take tons of pics and hope to get one or I have Matt dancing behind me trying to get her attention.

Kinda cute seeing the big old hippos taking a nap.

Yep, she sure is a cute penguin!

Yay for the black bears!

Not so cheery when the real thing was walking toward her...she was just in awe :)

Time for bear hugs...literally.

There is just something about little day they will touch the ground and still be cute, but this is just adorable to me.

She asked for a little penguin after we saw the penguin was a small one with just a few penguins, so she got a little one to match.  She loved it too!

Feeding the goats is always so much fun...I love the way she laughs and giggles when they take the food from her. 

We can't forget the can you, they are so big!

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