Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rainbows and happy hearts

Kylie loves to color pictures, and she has learned how to make a smiley face, but then I thought hmm...what about a rainbow?  It just took one time to show her what to do, and now we are filling up the place with rainbows!


Hey, look at my rainbow...cheese!

Haha...she knows the cheese face was silly, so she just had to laugh about it.

I still can remember when Kylie was too scared to be on a swing.  She had fallen forward in the bucket swing one time long, long ago and would not go in it again.  Then with lots of work from her OT she started going in the different therapy swings, and now wants to swing at the park when we go.  Seriously, your hands will get tired from pushing her before she ever wants to stop...yay for Kylie! 

Okay, so yes...here she is in a bucket swing, but the area with the big kid swings was being renovated.  Besides, she still fits in them :)

Once we finally got her out of the swing, we walked across the pillars in the big pond.  Matt said when he was a kid, they used to call them marshmallows.  It was really cute, because she held onto my hand so tight.  I was just worried she would miss her step and we would both be in the water.  We made it!

Kylie walking back with Matt.  I love the little feet next to her dadda's :)

I have posted about Kylie loving to play soccer, and we have a girl at church that is a super start at soccer.  Kylie loved going to her games and cheering for her and her teammates.  One of the high school guy's from our church gave me an old shirt of his, and I turned it into a dress for Kylie to wear while she cheered on the Mill Valley Jaguars!

Kylie's school had a Parents Day program, and it consisted of all the kids from the morning classes squeezing into a room, and then each class took turns singing a little song for all the parents there.   We knew Kylie would do better if she did not see us, so we had to hide out and then once everyone was in the room, we snuck in and sat in the back so she wouldn't find us.  She looked very worried, and concerned about what was going on.  She was sitting with her teacher, because she knew it would be a lot for Kylie.  When it was time for her class, she followed suit and went to her spot.  She looked so worried, but she did it...SHE DID IT!  I was totally crying...big surprise, huh.  Here is the video Matt got.  She was not singing much, but she did the motions, and that was so BIG! (She's in the blue vest)

Can you tell when she spotted us?  Kinda funny, how she was just all done as soon as we made eye contact with her.  Silly girl!

She was totally not having the fact that we had been there, and would not talk to us when she saw us.  It took a little while before she was able to be Kylie again, but we sure loved seeing her there with all of her classmates. 

Here is a pic I got of her with Matt.  Totally against the pic being taken.  She wouldn't even get a cookie.  Once she finally got back in it, she had one cookie..and another, and another.

Oh, and we got to open up a card that Kylie made us....the butterfly picture below.  And she decorated the cup below, and the gift bag too.  It was so cute...I cried some more.

Look, she even made pictures of us:

Not sure why, but Matt got more hair than me..lol

You will probably have to click on each one of these to see them better.  These were by far my favorite part of it all.  Kylie answered a page of questions, or really just fill-in the blanks for each one of us.  Matt was bummed that TV was on his sheet a couple times.  Through the eyes of a child.

I sooo cried when I read the one for me.  Especially when she put that her favorite thing about is "she's beautiful."  Yep, totally making me teary now.

We had told her how we were so proud of her and that she did such a great job with their song.  Later on she mentioned that she didn't sing, so I said well you can do your song again just for me and you can sing and do the motions.  Here she is doing the song after we got home and ate lunch.   This is totally Kylie, and I can't wait til she feels comfortable enough to show everyone this side of her, until then we get to love all these moments she shares with just us. 

My sister had sent a box of things for my birthday, and of course some more cute things for Kylie.  Here is a pic of Kylie in one of the shirts she got her. 

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