Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bunny Loot and More

I think it was about a week or so before Easter, when Kylie's Aunt Jen sent her a giant box of bunny loot.  We had been playing around outside, and were just getting ready to go in for nap time...I have learned that lots of hard work and play for Kylie guarantees a nap :) 

Anyhow, just as we were getting ready to head in the house, the UPS guy came down our street and delivered a box for Kylie.  She was just tickled that a package had arrived in the mail...all for her!  Just look at the delight on her face as she takes out all of the nice things my sister sent her.  You may note the rosy cheeks from all of our vigorous outdoor playtime too.

Who knew there could be so much joy from a box...and yes we totally played in the box too!

Once she woke up from her nap, she got to play with some of her new gifts.  Watching her try to jump rope and really quite funny, she just flips it all don't want to stand too close, and then just jumps all over.  Really cute :)

I love this one!  Wearing some of the dress up jewelry and enjoying every minute of it too!

Now every time the UPS guy comes down the street, she gets excited and asks if he is going to stop at our house and give her a package. 

Our church had an Easter egg hunt and since the weather was damp, they had to move it indoors and the kids searched for eggs inside.  Kylie had lots of fun getting eggs and scooped up quite a few.

Do you see the doll in the stroller below?  That is Kylie's new favorite doll to play with at church.  You will often find her driving the doll around in the stroller if you peak in the toddler room. 

The Easter Bunny made a visit to all the rooms, while the kids were searching for eggs.  Kylie opted to move to the opposite side of the room and give the wall some support.  He soon left, and she kept her eyes pealed to make sure he wasn't coming back.

Now come Easter Sunday and we had an Easter egg hunt out front for Kylie after we got home from church.  She loved it!

I love, LOVE this pic!

I really like this one too, somehow she just looks so much more grown up.

More eggs at Grandma Nancy's house!

Another fave!

Not sure why, but she was pouting about something here.  How can she begin to pout when there is this giant Tinkerbell bounce house behind her?  Yep, Grandma Nancy rented one for Easter.

A pic Matt snapped of the two of us when we were downstairs at Grandma Nancy's.

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