Thursday, May 31, 2012

Let's Dance

Some how Kylie had gotten a hold of a stamp that was in Matt't truck.  How did we know...well the orangey evidence speaks for itself:

Kylie had been telling for several months now that she wanted to teach ballet classes...yep, teach.  So we got her started at a place nearby.  To make the transition from the lobby a bit easier for her, I made a weighted dance bag for her to carry her shoes in.  The heavy work is one of the categories to help calm her sensory system and help her focus better.  Here are a few pics onto how I did that:

I was way more nervous than Kylie was for her first dance class.  I know new people and experiences can really take it's toll on her, so I was prepared for the worst.  She was so ready and so excited to just do it.  They did not allow parents to come back and watch, but they had a live feed in the waiting area, so I could see how she was doing.  She was looking uncomfortable while she stood along the wall where they lined up to go back into the room at the studio.  Totally why I made the weighted bag...heavy work to help calm the system.  Here are some pics I got when she was getting ready at home and then as we got there.

So how did she do?  She was AMAZING!  I swear this girl was born to dance.  She was so excited and wanting to just dance that all those worry bugs were gone.  Until someone came over to her to give her a bit of instruction and then she was out of sorts.  I was in tears and so not having that I could not go back and record these moments...the moments I thought may not happen...our girl back there doing everything the other girls were doing and loving it at the first try. 

So, I asked the following week...wait, no the following week was for pictures and there was no class...yes, they forget to tell us newbies.  Kylie was not pleased with that and chucked her dance bag and tutu in the car as we left.  Then the following week, I asked if I could take some video and the lady said they just couldn't allow something like that.  Ughh..are you kidding me woman, I need to blog about this!  So what did I do?  Well, I took video of the TV screen in the waiting area that had the live feed :)  Yes, total bootleg looking video, but I got it!  Here is the video.  You will see Kylie on the end closest to the camera in her poofy pink tutu.

The lady said she would do some steps with Kylie after class for me to record, but then she changed her mind and I got one of Kylie on the floor.  We are currently looking for a new dance place for Kylie.  They gave her just a tiny bit of instruction on just one thing the first class, and then none more thereafter.  I want Kylie to know that dance class is a class where there is an instructor that shows you the proper way to do things, and you don't just dance around and do what you think you should be doing.  So the search goes on.  She loves it so much, I just need to fine the right place for her...and me :)

We made a stop at a Shoe Carnival one day, and goodness does Kylie love to try on shoes.  If it is sparkley and high heeled she loves it even more!  A couple pics of her with some pretty tall wedges on. 

Kylie's school got a visit from some firefighters at one of the local fire stations.  I instinctively knew that since they were coming on her Special Day, that it would make it more difficult for her to gain that experience of having them visit.  When things are new and different from the usual schedule she has a hard time, and will cling to us.  Here is a pic from my view sitting behind Kylie.  They were showing the kids all the gear they wear.

It's kind of funny, because all the older guys were sitting on the tables behind us, while they had the rookies up front getting their gear on and tell us about the things they do.  One little fact I learned, they need to get dressed and geared up in under a minute. 

The kids were not so fond of the guy when he was geared up and was crawling around on the floor.  I think it would have worked better to have the kids crawl to him.  Kylie was in a ball on my lap when he came around both before and after he had the gear on. 

Once everything was done in the room, we got to go outside and see the firetruck.  Kids got to sit in the truck and ring the bell on the front.  Kylie wasn't having any of that other, but I was able to get her to hold my hand to walk around the truck.  Hoping that next year, I will be smarter and not sign up for a Special Day on a visit like that, and that she will be more comfortable to see more things and maybe interact some.

Onto more fun things, the park.  My goodness, does this little girl love to run, jump, and climb.  I have learned that visits to the park shortly before naptime, ensures a good nap for Kylie....and momma :) 

This one park we like to go to has these little buildings, and all the kids there love to play in them.  You will see Kylie below in the jail. 

A super silly cheese pic.  I know, I know she is in the baby swing, but they took out the big kid ones, and the girl finally LOVES to swing. As long as she still fits, we are good :)

We then went for a walk around the pond at the park, and saw 2 turtles hanging out. 

Then there were the know, those crazy birds that follow you because they expect to be fed.

There she goes again...this was her first time trying this and I say she did great! 

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