Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All in the name of...

Yep...she wrote her name up there!  I had to do a bit of editing to get it to show up, but it is the cutest thing ever!  There is so much about Kylie that is beautiful and I wanted to share some of that with you all.  Total reason for this blog. 

We were kinda behind on Kylie getting her 3 year check-up by about 3 months or so.  Anyhow, we went and with all of our preparations and playing with her doctor kit, I would say she did AWESOME!  She even smiled when I said something silly while the nurse was getting her blood pressure and things.  No surprise here, but she is in the 92 percentile for height, and 45th for weight.  Our little string bean.

I mentioned in a past post that Kylie has been doing some swimming for OT at school.  She just loves when she gets to go swimming.  She is even becoming more social with her OT even before we go back, and that is great!  She almost gets a little too high at times in the pool and looses focus on what she is supposed to be doing, but her OT gets her back into it and the little girl is tired by the time she is all done. 

Doing some heavy work with filling up the watering can and then pouring it on the "flowers" she had built.

Peek-a-boo, I see you!  Can you see the flippers she is wearing?  She saw them and asked to wear them.

Kylie was feeling not so great here, so Dadda was reading some books to her on the couch. 

Too many books, time for a nap.  This is the first time she has ever just fallen asleep on either one of us since she was a baby.  It was so sweet, that I just had to take a pic.

So I had been sick, and was going to doctors here and there, and Kylie thought of a way to make me feel better.  She said "momma, I want to make you a picture to make you all better."  I was listening as she got out all of her things, and she was saying, "God, please make momma all better."  So this is her letter or little prayer request she wrote up to God for me.  Just made me cry, it was so utterly sweet.

Just a cute pic from a day at the park. 

We were at Grandma Nancy's for dinner one day, and Kylie got to pick out some flowers for the dinner table. 

Can you find the big furry bumble bee that Kylie spied?  You know, the kind that should be in the category of small animals and not insects.  She was not happy when she saw it, and was sure to keep away from him.

I love this one, made me think of when I was little, "He loves me...he loves me not.."  Of course he loves you Kylie, you are just beautiful inside and out!

A pic she made at the end of her OT session one day.  We usually end each time with some feeding therapy, and then some art.  Sometimes we use the food to make our art...those ones don't get to come in the car home with us.  Anyhow, she loved this one.

Telling me how she was giving it to her dadda, so he could hang it up at work with the rest of his collection of her artwork.

Matt's favorite thing to do is fish, and now he has the best fishing partner ever...I mean heck, she will touch and hold a fish and I won't.  That's okay with me :)

Love those little fingers touching the little fishy.

Getting ready to toss it back in after dadda puts it in her hand.

So we went to surprise Kylie with seeing Disney on Ice.  In the beginning there was a lot going on to start the show, and not so much with Disney characters, so it took Kylie longer to warm up and enjoy the show.  Once she was comfortable she really enjoyed it and kept asking where Cinderella was...I made her a shirt with Cinderella on it, so she needed to see her :)

Loving the show!

Yay, there's Cinderella!

And her favorite Disney Princess, Snow White!

Not sure when this was, but she was being super silly giving kisses, and well that was definitely picture worthy!

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Rachel said...

Jody, it's been a joy to read your blog and follow Kylie. She's beautiful and such a blessing.


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