Friday, May 18, 2012


The past couple of years we have taken to sporting our purple for Purple Day!  It wasn't until shortly after Purple Day 2009 that we even knew what Purple Day was, or how it would impact us.  With your help we would love to get more and more people wearing purple, not only on Purple Day, but during Infantile Spasms Awareness week, and National Epilepsy Awareness Month. 

I know, I know...look at us being all needy and asking you guys to wear purple a handful of times a year.  But when I stick this cute little face with it (see below), you will see that it is totally worth it!

For Purple Day this year, Kylie was all dressed up and ready for school.  I was so excited when I found the purple Super (Kylie) shirt for her to wear...I think it fits her in so many ways!

Don't you love the pearls!  She wears them often and just loves to wear necklaces to school.

Just love these next two...our purple princess!

So I snuck in to during her class time on the indoor playground and she was with her sweet friend that wore Purple just for her :)  Her teacher and para with sporting theirs as well...sorry, forgot to snap a pic of them.  She was getting ready to go in the sandbox...this is so HUGE for her, because she is not a fan of sand....personally, I don't mind :)

Last time we had our purple on we made cookies and decorated them with purple icing and sprinkles...this time we went a bit bigger.  You can see that Kylie was definitely a fan of some cookie dough.!  Trying to sneak some while I ran to grab the camera.

And now for the icing.

Yep this is good too momma, haha...I'm sneaking some more!

I asked Kylie if she wanted me to write Purple Day or Purple Kylie on her cookie cake...Purple Kylie was her vote.

So excited for her giant cookie cake :)

I love this...she covers her mouth a bit sometimes when she laughs, and I think it is the cutest thing ever!

Now onto some purple wearers.  We have a record for the littlest supporters wearing purple for Epilepsy and for Kylie.  They are identical triplets, and there momma was so sweet to send me these pics of them.  She said she thought of Kylie when she was putting these little lilac hats on the girls.  They are so precious and so awesome to wear their Purple!  What a wonderful mom to think of us when she just had her sweet little miracles :)


Here is our friend Cody, who shares the IS diagnosis with Kylie

Another friend dressing her adorable little girl in purple for Kylie!

Here is the girl that ignited Kylie's love for soccer, Kayla, and she is so awesome at the game!

Our family pic snapped with the handy little timer on the camera.   It only took a few to get this one, and I think you can see there was plenty of purple wearing in this pic!

Thank you all again for wearing purple, and I do hope I grabbed on the pics that we were tagged in for wearing purple for Epilepsy awareness and supporting Kylie and all her friends with IS and Epilepsy!

Before I let you all go, I pulled this little tidbit off the Purple Day site...If everyone told 2 people about Epilepsy, then the whole world would know.  So, get to it people...spread the word!

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Rochelle said...

AHH how did we miss purple day? Love the giant cake and the hand covering her mouth when she laughs, Alayna does that too and I think it is adorable!


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