Saturday, April 28, 2012

OT fun, and more

I decided I wanted to find a busy little activity for Kylie during the times when I have things I need to get done.  One of the things I thought to do was to get out my jar of buttons and let Kylie sort them by color.  I save egg cartons to use when painting or doing crafty things with Kylie, and thought it would be perfect for sorting out the buttons.

I think it worked out pretty well too :)

She even decided she wanted to do more after sorting out all the ones I dumped out for her. 

So this is a little sheet that Kylie's OT made for her to help with trying new foods.  Eating has never been real great...she doesn't like eating around others, and definitely is opposed to lots of foods....I'm glad to say this chart has helped a lot!  The idea is to get Kylie to do all the things on the sheet, and then take bites like a mouse, elephant and so forth.  We even have a small sized version of this to take when we are out to eat.

Once a week now Kylie gets to swim during her OT session, and she loves it!  She is always anxious and never talks to her OT when she comes out to get us, but on the days she goes swimming she warms up and is more social and starts talking to her OT by the time we get back to where we are going....amazing how the idea of swimming calms her down and she can be chatty!  We do have to be careful because she can get a little too excited and that makes it hard for her to focus and stay on task.  She is a total fish and loves to be in the water :)

Kylie has a hard time when we go to the store or somewhere and run into people we know.  It totally throws her off, and she is extremely anxious and stressed...almost like strangers are talking to her.  She just hides and gets upset if they try to talk to her or if we try to encouragement her to talk to them.  So, I decided to make a book of some of the stores we frequently go to and run into friends, and the actions we do when at these places. 

The idea is for her to put the story together, and for her to see that it is okay when we see friends at the store or out and about (outside of where we are used to seeing, school, etc).  And that when we go to the store and she wants a cookie from the bakery or wants a sucker at the checkout, that she has to ask for it.  So if we see you at the store and she hides and I keep trying to get her to talk to you, please go along with it...we need to teach her that it's okay, and she needs to talk to her friends and be social.

This pic was just her making a silly face, and well...I just had to snap a pic and post it :)

We decided to go to Wonderscope one day, and the first room we went into was the Farm one...she got her cart and was picking out fruit from the market. 

Need to get some veggies from the garden.

Looks like the cow needs to be groomed too.

I'm not sure the name of this room, just one where they had all sorts of different things for kids to build some stuff...I think she made a person with eyes, and probably some extra arms or legs.

This was kind of cute.  There was a big doll house, and I peaked through the one side to get a pic.

This room was pretty fun, they had ping pong balls and you could send them down the ramps and things and see if you could get the ball to land in a bucket. 

I thought this was so cute when she wanted to play with the baby dolls at the doctor's office.  She was opposed to wearing the doctor's lab coat, but I told her it was the only way to play at the doctor's office....I know, it sounds bad but it's the only way to get her to try things.  She does look super cute wearing it...who knows, maybe she will be a doctor some day :) 

Kylie has been going to Kindermusik ever since she was about 9 months old or so.  She absolutely loves going and seeing her Kindermusik pals!  Whenever we are in Matt's truck she says, "turn on my music please."  Don't be surprised if you hop in for a ride with us somewhere and we are cruising to the current CD for Kylie's Kindermusik class.  She even likes to have her own Kindermusik class at home...just take a look and see:


Rochelle said...

Love her, she is so adorable! Are you guys still doing kindermusik? We need to find out more info from you.

MJStump said...

We are still doing Kindermusik, and she loves it! We are actually bumping her up to the Imagine That classes this Summer where we are only in class with her a few minutes in the beginning and end :)


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