Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More things Kylie

So Kylie has suddenly taken a liking to soccer...okay, she loves it!  She can dribble it quite well for a 3 yr old too :)  When she first started to play around with her soccer ball in the front yard, she told me she was going to soccer class. 

The next time she played outside, she was going to her soccer game!

Yay, good game!  Cheering for herself after the game!

Off to another will see her fancy wheels in the background.  She had to park her car first.

Looks like she traded the soccer ball for a blue one to play around is after all her favorite color!

Here is some video footage of her playing soccer in the yard. 


Smiling so cute for dadda...he was standing behind me being silly so I could get a smiley pic of Kylie!


So tired after a long day of soccer games and practice in the front yard. 

All of that play outside made for a hungry little let's make some pizza!  First off, poking some holes in the crust.

Spread on the sauce...

...and cheese.

Don't forget the pepperoni!

I think that's everything :)

Now it's time for a break and a sucker.

Valentine's Day had come up and I thought I would surprise Kylie and decorate her door for when she woke up in the morning...just show her how much love we had for her :)  She loved it, especially the smiley face one and the one with her one of course!

A shirt I made her to wear for Valentine's Day at school.

The kids had made Valentine Bags to put all their treats in...this was Kylie's.  She loves to pile things on top of one another. 

The treats I made for her class....little bean bags they could use to play with...just cut out a large paper heart and toss them onto it.

The best for last...her Valentine that I attached to the little bag that had the bean bags in it.  I swear this is the best happy, smiley pic I have ever taken of her.  Yay! 

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