Sunday, April 22, 2012

All things Kylie

The first week of January we were showing support to a family who lost a little guy to IS.  It would have been his second birthday, and his mom had posted that they were letting balloons go for him.  We did the same for the little guy and his family. 

There is just something so beautiful about those little hands letting go in the pic below. 

I'm not sure when this happened...seems like forever ago, but we had scraped the popcorn off the ceiling in the family room, and had it smoothed and painted.  We were getting ready to touch up some spots, and Kylie thought she would help.  That pole is like a few times her size, but too cute!


Our friends had a birthday party for their sweet little girl that was turning two.  I got the cutest pic of Kylie just standing waiting for us to get permission to go into the play area for the party.  She just looked so sweet :)

Doesn't she look like a little gymnast in the making!

Matt helping the birthday girl down the slide...weeeeee!  (yep, I made her super cute monkey shirt!)

I love when they all line up and sit down for snacks and cake and such.  They are just so cute! 

Nothing says party like some noisemakers!

So this is a little story about how it was Kylie's special day at school, and that means she gets to be the line leader and bring a snack and I get to go to school with her!  Well, it was also pajama day and they got to watch a movie and pop popcorn.  Well, they kind of forgot to mention that there is no need to bring a snack that day.

Mind you, that is such a highlight for Kylie to pick out some yummy snacks to share with her friends.  She was just devastated and wanted to know why her friends didn't want her snack and talked about it for the next couple of days, and was just so upset.  So I decided we needed to destroy the evidence, and eat all of the snacks she had picked out for her special day :)

Here is one of the things we did with the M&M cookies she brought...made ice cream sandwiches!  Yummy!!

Below is lots of cuteness!  Kylie's Grandma Nancy got us all tickets to go see Sesame Street Live!  Kylie loved it once she got comfortable.  It was such a cute show and it was fun to watch her sit with grandma and enjoy the show! Below she is with Matt at the Play Zone area they had before the show. 

Having a moment with Grandma Nancy while Matt holds her.

 Playing Elmo's piano for Grandma Nancy

Coloring a picture for Grandma Nancy...which is now hanging by her desk at work :)

SO cute...first time Kylie ever cuddle and sat so close to Grandma Nancy...Grandma was so excited! 


Such a cute show!

Turning around to check that Matt and I were still there...yep, enjoying watching her and the show...every moment of it all!

Aww...I think she really likes it!

She has this little Elmo figurine deal and she had to take it to the show :)  It was a good thing for her to have as far as the sensory stuff goes, to keep her gripping on something and occupy her hands when she was stressed at the start of the show.  It was just cute because she never let go of him :)

Not sure what this little move is...she likes to do it a lot, like kick up her leg and spin or something silly.  Anyhow, one last dance with Elmo before heading home. 

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