Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Swinging into fun times (Ohio Trip)

Just when I think I am getting caught up on the blog, I fall behind :)  So let's get back into it and start with our trip to Ohio.  I can never say enough how Awesome Kylie does when we are on the road.  I think she only asked to stop twice in our 15 hour drive. 

Here is a cheese smile part way through the drive.  I will let you all know that we picked up a new camera lens on our drive, so I was able to use the nice camera for our trip...yay!

She's got her head on her penguin pillow pet that she named Shoes...no idea, but she likes it :)  She looked so cute resting her head on it while watching a movie.  That is one key to her success in the car....movies, and lots of snacks!

We got there in the evening, so we ate and relaxed.  The next morning we stopped at a nearby school and Kylie had fun on the playground equipment.  So cute with her Papa Joe pushing her on the swing!

So I tried to get a pick of everyone on the swings and going at the same time...Grandma Karen, Uncle Joey, Matt, Kylie, and Papa Joe.

Getting some help from Papa Joe to get across all the rings.

Now it's time for the monkey bars!

Looks like Uncle Joey is a pro at the monkey bars!  I think we will let him be in charge of teaching Kylie :)

Trying to do it all by herself.

Kylie found this purple flower and I thought it would be perfect for a picture.  One of our IS friend's was in the hospital, so Kylie was wearing purple for her, and then holding this flower out to her too.

I remember making these flower..okay, they are more like weeds, but anyway...making like a headband of sorts out of it when I was little.  I made one for Kylie and she wore it for about a minute...so here was a quick pic before she ditched it.

I just love this picture SOOOooo much! As soon as we got out of the cars, Kylie said she wanted to go with Uncle Joey...so she ran over and grabbed his hand.  Just so sweet!

We were going to head somewhere for lunch, but got sidetracked when we saw that my parents local fire dept was having something there.  Kylie is as big as the wheels on the fire truck!


Ready to help out the fire dept with her helmet on!

They had a fishing game and of course she wanted to do it...after all, she fishes with her dadda all the time!

They had a few animals too, and I have no idea what got into her but she was making sounds back at them...I guess she was trying to speak their language.  At any rate, she had a great time and it was cute to see her being so silly!


Trying her very first snow cone! Of course she picked blue..her favorite color :)

What a great way to end the night than with a new doll from Grandma Karen and Papa Joe, and to have Papa Joe reading her a book.  You will see the cute princess bed and Tinkerbell bedding my mom got her...she loved it so much she had us all practice putting her to bed so she could lay in it..lol

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