Friday, July 13, 2012

Dadda's berry beautiful flower girl

Kylie's school was scheduled to go to The Berry Patch, so we thought we would head out there ourselves, to get her more comfortable when it was time for her school to go.  The patch was having some not so great picking reports the week before, so they ended up cancelling the school trip.  That was sure not the case when we went...we got lots of berries!

Love the cute little hand with some blueberries in them!

Look at my berry's purple!

I think we both ended up picking about the same amount of blueberries.  Here she is with both of our buckets not too long before we decided we wer all picked out. 

Heading back to get our berries weighed.


 Just look at all of those berries we got!

We went inside their little store to hand them our slip so we could pay and then pick up our berries. While we were inside, we had to get a couple of their yummy treats and a list of some great blueberry recipes.  I got a giant blueberry muffin, that was so warm...just baked!  Kylie got this monster cookie that she loved, and she ate the whole thing too!  I tell you, that blueberry picking is a lot of work, so you will work up an appetite :)

While we ate our treats at the picnic table outside, Kylie spied some kids sitting on the top of this tall tree stump.  So when she was all done eating, she asked me to put her on top of it, so I did and she loved being up there.

That's it for blueberry picking...on our way home to bake something yummy!

Father's Day was nearing by, so I put Kylie's shirt on her that says "My Dad is the Coolest"...thanks to her Aunt Jen for the shirt.  And we headed to the park to take some pics.  Now, I can tell you taking Kylie to her favorite park to do this, probably wasn't one of my best ideas, because she wanted so badly to go, go go.  Here is a pic I got of her right before I stuck her in the swings to finally let her play.  This pic is now in a frame on the night stand next to Matt's side of the bed.


They have these cute little houses at the park, and one of them is a schoolhouse that she absolutely loves!  It's fun when she is the teacher and goes inside and starts saying her ABC's, counts, and sings some of her favorite songs from school!


So she is also a little monkey and loves to climb.  Here she is trying to climb from the door to the window.

Sure enough, she did it!

You may have to zoom in on this pic, but here is the end result for the pics I took of her for Matt to have. 

Mid June or so, Kylie was in a wedding.  She was very excited to get to wear a pretty dress, and loved when I would let her try it on at home!  I made the sashes for both of the flower girl dresses, so that meant she got to try on her dress a few more times :)

We are finally making more headway in the picture taking process, but we are getting the true "cheese" smile, and getting her to do it while looking at us is a feat in itself :)  Here is the first one I took of her on the day of the wedding. 

Both flower girls and the little ring bearer...they were all so darn cute!

Suckers to keep the talking to a minimum while the ceremony was going on...she was definitely a fan of them too!

I had made some little "Car Caddy" or "Car Haulers" to store a hanndful of hotwheel cars for some quiet play.  We often use this when we go out to eat somewhere, and now we can say we used it at a wedding too!

The bride and groom had some pics taken at the very park we went to for the Father's Day pics.  Kylie was definitely a fan.  Here she is with the other flower girl, playing in the jail.

Sitting in the window at the bank building.

This is one of the cutest pics!  During the reception, Kylie pointed out a little guy and said she wanted to dance with him.  I told her to go ask him to dance, and she did!  He was older than her too...5 yrs old, next to her 3 1/2yrs.  Anyhow, they danced to like 5 songs straight, and one time he let go of her hands, and wiped them on his cute!  She quickly grabbed his hands back to keep on dancing with him. 

Here is a little video I put together of my favorite pics and some video if Kylie dancing at the wedding.  Most of them are repeats from the pics above, but still cute, right? 

Lastly, the day after the wedding was Father's Day and we joined the bride and groom along with their friends and family for a brunch the following morning.  Here is a cute pic of Kylie and her dadda out on the balcony. 


Rachel said...

That's hilarious that he wiped his hands off!

MJStump said...

I know, it was pretty funny. It was his subtle way of saying he wanted a


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