Saturday, July 28, 2012

Brushing up with the Royals

*So I noticed that I never finished this post from April, and I couldn't just skip it, so here it is:

Kylie had her 2nd visit to the dentist mid-April, she was supposed to have it in March, but that was when she was sick with the flu I believe.  Anyhow, we had our handy iPad with us with the social story I created for our trip to the dentist.  I mixed it up with some pics I had taken at our last visit and when we toured the place, and also some pics I snagged from a Google search. 

I can not stress enough how much it helps to make those little books and things for Kylie, and really any kid that is uneasy about going to the doctor, dentist, or getting a wonders. 

You will see Kylie's battle wounds on her knees...she got those the night before when she went out fishing with Matt.  She was kind of over the whole fishing thing and was walking around the pond with me.  We were being silly and running around, and that is when it happened.  And to think on top of the wounded legs, I was going to take her to the dentist the next day...oh boy. 

She did a great job at the dentist!  Here you will see her with the hygienist, and she is letting Kylie use the tool to brush her teeth...yay for Kylie!  


I was just blown away with how she let the girl floss some of her teeth.  What a big girl!

After this we went to get some x-rays, and Kylie wasn't too sure about keeping the apron on for them to take some pics.  The girl then asked me if I was okay to let Kylie sit on my lap, and I could help hold the apron on.  Sure thing.  Then the next issue was the girl...ahh, she would count to 3 super slow and then take the pic, it was on 3 when Kylie would spit the little deal out of her mouth.  I suggested she snap the pic on 2 or 1, she wasn't so fond of my suggestions.  By now a line and audience was forming and that made Kylie more anxious, so we stopped there.  We got one good pic, and everything looked great!

Here is Dr. Jenkins in to see Kylie.  She is really great with the kids, and she got Kylie to giggle a bit...that's a huge plus in my book!

Dr. Jenkins checking things out, and sure enough, she found more Tinker Bell Sparkles in Kylie's mouth!  She said everything looked great.  At checkout, Kylie got a bag of all the dentist goodies, a little toy, balloon, and some ice cream.  Yep, they give kids ice cream at the dentist!

Making some pig noses in the mirror..I think this was actually before we left to go to the dentist.  Silly girl!


Here is a cuter pic, playing with a necklace that her friend's momma made for her as one of her birthday gifts last year.

Yay, she did such a great job at the dentist!  Here is a "hooray, I did it!" pic I took when we got home.

I had got Matt a game pack to some Royals games for Christmas, and signed Kylie up for the Blue Crew.  So here are some pics from Kylie's first few games of the season.


This one just makes me smile...she was back by the fountains in the outfield and cheering for her Royals!

I'm hoping to get pics of her by all of the letters that spell out Hall of Fame, so we can put them together.  Somehow we keep forgetting to take the pics when we go to the games..oops!

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