Thursday, December 31, 2009

Snowed in

Ok, so we aren't totally snowed in, but enough that we have been staying in and keeping warm. We took Kylie out in the snow and were ready for her to experience the snow and cold weather for the first time. As always, we were more excited about it than she was. We got her all bundled up to the point where walking was a bit of a challenge for her...our little snow baby!

Since the snow was so deep in our yard, and she probably would have nearly disappeared after stepping into it, Matt got the sled out and pulled Kylie and I up and down the street. She liked the take off and seeing the big smile on her daddy's face as he looked back to see her reaction. All in all she was okay with the experience...not overly excited, and not upset either. Here are a few pics we got of her and each of us with Kylie all bundled up.

So, what about our apptmt in St. Louis? Matt talked with the scheduler lady there the other day and was asking some questions, along with giving some info about the VEEG we had done here a couple weeks ago. After much debate, we decided to hold off on the repeat testing. It is a huge ordeal to go through with your child and very stressful for everyone involved....not to mention the fact that we just did it a couple weeks ago. Following the testing here, Kylie was pretty fussy and needy for many days following, and it seems like we are just beginning to get past that, and not ready to repeat it all over again.

Also, it seems like we are not seeing the initial movements that got us all freaked out to begin with quite as often as we saw in the beginning (Nov '09). We have gone 12 days from the crazy side head tilt stuff we saw when we got home for the VEEG here, until the next time we saw her do anything suspicious like that again. So the chances of us catching her doing this stuff while hooked up is pretty slim. She has been doing some new things that we question, and some of them we think are just Kylie being her silly self. We are going to continue to keep a watchful eye on the princess (you know, the usual) and will be quick to reschedule if we see an increase in the odd head movements.

An added bonus that is not fun, is that the nice scheduler lady that Matt talked with mentioned that there is a great chance that insurance would deny the claim for her 4-5 day stay we were scheduled to have in St. Louis, since she just had the testing done at our children's hospital...awesome to know a second opinion with all the testing would be denied.

With all that said, we are ready for 2010 and pray that it will be a wonderful year with lots of smiles, cherished memories, growth and development for all of us, and fewer calls and trips to the know, healthy child :)

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baby trevor's mommy said...

But the good news is... guys all look super cute in the snow and gear!

I know how sucky the land with no answers is. I hate that you guys have to hang out here too...



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