Thursday, January 14, 2010

So Big!

This was all typed up last was being weird, so it is just now getting posted.

It seems like the postings are not quite as frequent or too detailed, but it is winter and there isn't a whole lot to do, especially with the record low temps we were having...not to mention the fact that Little Miss Kylie has yet to figure out what she is doing with her naps.

Yes, it seems like it has been forever and ever since we started on this whole thing of napping later, then earlier, then maybe just once a day and the length varies as well. So yeah, needless to say it adds to the difficulty of planning things to do outside of the house. It kinda stinks because so many places have story time or any other activity during the times she sleeps in the AM, and then like nothing is really offered for the afternoon. is safe to say that I am really anxious for two things: 1) for Kylie to work on sticking to the later nap schedule (or just one schedule of some sort), so we can squeeze in a morning activity outside of the house & 2) for Spring to finally get here so we can at least go outside.

Last week when we had a day that she got up kinda late in the morning, I was so excited because that was like a guarantee that we could go out and do something since I knew her AM nap would definitely be later. So what did we do? We went and saw none other than the imfamous Funky Mama perform! Just click the link to learn more about who Funky Mama is. It ended up being a snow day, so there were tons of mamas there with their kiddos, so it was a bit overwhelming for her at first.

Anyway, Kylie had a great time once she got warmed up to her surroundings and all the people around her. She loves to dance to just about everything...commercials, the theme song to Friends, mom and dad singing, pretty much anything. She finally started to dance and it was so cute and funny to watch. She has a new dance move where her arms are out like an airplance, and then of course the typical toddler dance where they are like bouncing with their tush sticking out. I was finally able to catch some of her silly dance moves on video. Take a look at how cute she is!

Some new things.

Kylie puts her hands way up high over her head when you say "SO Big!" and she has a big smile on her face :)

Sometime last week she learned how to climb up on the couch in the living room (the couches up there are a bit lower than the ones in the family room). We figured it was only a matter of time until she would be climbing up on the ones downstairs in the family room....yep, she got that figured out yesterday.

I think it was also yesterday or the day before that Kylie also learned how to climb up her castle swingset. I was in the kitchen getting a head start on dinner and she was a bit too quiet for me, so I went to see what she was up to. She was standing up on her castle swingset spinning the wheel at the top of the platform. I was thinking, oh more thing she can fall from and get hurt. So I then helped her down the slide and she followed me back in the kitchen, so no more worries for that afternoon...whew! Below are a couple pics of her on her castle swingset deal that Matt's mom got her for Christmas. She really likes to put her farm animals down the slide and in the swing.

Okay, so her outfit doesn't exactly match...I know it was a day that I made something for dinner that would more than likely be messy, just can't quite remember what it was I made that day. Oh well, she's still cute no matter what :)

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