Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ready set...pray

Hey everyone. I know I got that happier post up earlier today with lots of cute and silly Kylie pics...totally needed that.

Amazing how that all changes so quickly...kinda not good how fast your world can be flipped upside. So yeah, not so great...not in the least. It seems like this head stuff is getting more intense and more frequent, and it can not be shrugged off....there is no question that something IS really going on.

Last night on two occassions, Kylie's head went back...like we have been seeing, but different this time. One time it went back then came forward pretty hard and back again....something we have never seen. The second time it went back and then forward hard and to the right and back again. Seeing this stuff is so scary...it's something you never want to see.

Tonight was the scariest. Her head was forward and back too many times to even count. It was more intense than last night, and it just kept happening. It went on for about 7 min or so (guesstimate). Then it contd off and on for about a half hour and then here and there throughout the night. Needless to say things are scary right now, and we are wondering what this all is, and what may follow.

Matt called the neuro clinic and the on-call doc called back. Matt explained it all to him, told him we got it on video. I got it all uploaded and ready to send and the doc said to just call our neuro in the AM. What?! Okay, I guess I can understand if maybe he can't do much for us, but tell us what you can and can't do and don't just leave us like that...explain yourself and the process to getting things done.

Since then, I have emailed it to our neuro in hopes that he will get back to us before we have to make the call in the morning. I also emailed it to the doc in St. Louis, and said that we are willing to head that way in the case that our neuro and hospital here are not able to get us in or even see us. I hope it doesn't come to that...I hope they get it this time. The video should explain itself. I just hate that it had to get worse before anything happening on their end...I shouldn't speak to soon, because right now they have done nothing than say to call in the morning.

So please pray for Kylie. Pray that whatever is going on can give us answers so we can better move forward. Pray that her body will be healed. Pray that God will give the docs the insight and wisdom to find the answers. Pray that Matt and I do not let our faith waiver at this time and that we will seek Him when we grow weary and weak, and lean on Him to help us through whatever may lie before us.


The Adventures of Bobbie and Zach said...

you all are always in our thoughts and prayers, but we'll pray extra hard these next few days. hopefully, you will get some much deserved answers. please let me know if there is anything we can do!

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog of your sweet girl for awhile now. I will be praying that you get answers....My daughter, Hannah, has refractory epilepsy. I understand the crazy rollercoaster you are on!
I will be praying for your family.
Marcia K
Hannah and Blitzen

MJStump said...

Thank you guys for the prayers..can never have too many!

We will try to keep everyone posted via the blog as best we can and as we know more.


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