Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kylie's Angel

I think the best gifts are those that are straight from the heart and are labors of love, so I thought for some time...what could I give as gifts that will remind everyone of our beautiful princess, and be something they can keep for time to come? I decided it had to be an angel, because sometimes I feel like that is exactly what Kylie is to us, our little angel that has brought us so much joy. With that said, I found a template for angel ornaments that can be hung for years to come.

Below is a pic of Kylie's Angel...note the extra set of purple wings, because it takes a special angel to watch over those with epilepsy. For those of you who do not know, purple is the color of epilepsy. I also added a card enscripted with the following:

Kylie's Angel

This angel is to remind you to pray for

Kylie and all other children and families

afflicted with Infantile Spasms. Please

pray for hope, peace, and healing.

I had great ambitions of making one for every person that was connected to us while we were going through everything, and all the families that I connected with for support via the internet. Unfortunately, my workshop of elves is only a staff of one, with hands that do not allow for much work like this. I just made a handful to send as gifts to some family, and one day I hope to make more when the time allows and let everyone be touched by Kylie's Angel.

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The Berg Family said...

The Angel is beautiful. I hope you have a Merry Christmas with your beautiful Angel. We love you all! Monica & Derek


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