Monday, December 14, 2009

An artist's work is never done

As we know, art comes in many forms and Kylie is definitely experimenting with many of them lately. Below you will see her making her mark with some crayons on a kid's menu at Applebee's. We have tried with her a couple times to see if she will imitate our movements by marking on the paper, and she would normally try to eat the crayons....well not anymore...she is making her mark :)

Here you will see some body art, or some face painting at the least. Actually this is the result when I let Kylie take hold of the utensils to feed herself some spaghetti. I would load it up with food and pass it off to her...she was too cute. As you can see in the last pic she was quite proud and having a good time.

Lastly, she may be into some sort of new fashion trend with this one. She loves it when we put her Snuggie (what we call her blankie) or a sheer scarf on top of her head. She will get a huge smile on her face, because she knows it is silly and will run around smiling and looking over at us to see if we are watching her be silly. She is a goofball, and we love it! If the Snuggie falls off or if we take it off to readjust it because it is obstructing her view, she will protest for sure. The pictures aren't the best, but they do a pretty good job of illustrating what she does.

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