Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What a big heart...

I can't tell you how many times Matt has come home from work with a thoughtful gift, coupons for baby items (can never have too many of those), or just telling me how his boss (Felicia) said not worry about coming to work on the days of Kylie's EEGs, or to just take the afternoon off after a frantic call from me for who knows what. Wow...that was a long rambling sentence. Anyway, that is a good example of how Felicia has continued to always think of Kylie and not just be a boss, but be a person with such a big heart and be so caring to us's never ending, kind of like my thoughts :)

Felicia was there when Kylie was admitted to CM with a UTI, and she came down to bring us lunch and make sure we were doing okay. Goodness, she came down when Kylie was at CM with her diagnosis of IS, and she brought a bag of treats...Matt's favorite snacks that he has at work. She was also there for Matt's co-worker Bobbie and everything she has been through with her little guy Dylan. No matter what, she is always so kind and tells Matt that work can wait, and they will do whatever he needs. It seems like it has been a while since I have worked, but I know enough to know that not all bosses are like that...heck, not all people are like that.

I still remember the gift she gave Matt to give me after Kylie was born. A little bracelet for tiny, with her name on it, and a matching one for me. It made me cry then, and it's making me cry now. See, she is always so thoughtful. It's not the stuff she does or the things she gives us for Kylie, it's the heart she has, and that she has room in it for so many people. We can never thank you enough for being you!

So what prompted this...well, Felicia's most recent thoughts of Kylie were photographed below.

She made a Royals Bunny for Kylie at Build a adorable! It's Kylie's very first one. I tried my best to get a picture of Kylie grabbing the ears, and flopping them around, but when she saw the camera she began flapping her arms with excitement and knocked the Bunny

I'm sorry I don't have a pic of Felicia with Kylie. Each time I have gone to surprise Matt with a visit at work, she has not been there. Don't worry, we will get one soon enough.


baby trevor's mommy said...

There a cliche people...and then there are amazing truly caring people like Felicia! We ALL need some of those in our lives! My heart is smiling that you have one too!


The Adventures of Bobbie and Zach said...

I couldn't agree enough with your sentiments about Felicia. As you mentioned, she has been SO supportive to me as well and has made my life easier and happier (not always the easiest feat!) Thanks so much for putting it into words :)

Anonymous said...

If only there were more Felicia's in the world ;)

MJStump said...

Danielle, I just wish we could photo copy the Felicia's in the world so everyone had someone so caring and special to be there for them. I just don't know where we would be or what would happen with Matt's job if it wasn't for Felicia.

Bobbie, I know it has been so tough and Felicia has been there for all of us. So glad she is there with you guys, and that you were there for me when we were at CMH..thank you too :)


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