Friday, September 11, 2009

Sunny day

Today was a pretty good day for miss Kylie and mommy, so we took advantage of it. Kylie has been a bit of a bear lately, and I just have no idea why or what is going on...hoping and praying she was just in a funk and nothing more is going on. It's hard to wonder if you are thinking too much, or if things are okay, or if maybe you're just not thinking right at all...just a bit of what goes on in my head..kinda nuts.

Anyway, today was a good morning, and since I got showered and all ready before Kylie woke from her nap (so rare) we decided to go visit daddy at work. We just stopped by and said hello to a few people that saw us, and Felicia was stuck in the middle of something, so sorry no pictures of Kylie with the lady with the big heart.

The weather was so nice outside that we took advantage of that and played outside on a blanket with some toys, and that got old so Kylie began pulling the grass out and crawling about. Seeing how cute she was, I decided to grab some pics of her. You'll notice that I decided to dress her in patriotic colors since today was the anniversary of 9/11. Our little USA baby celebrating her own bit of freedom too :)

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Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Okay, those pictures were way too cute!!! And that outfit...just adorable.

And doesn't it just feel oh so good when you are all dressed and ready to go before the little one wakes up?!?! It's rare for me too but when that happens...the morning just seems to go so much smoother.


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