Sunday, September 6, 2009

Long Day...long weekend

Yesterday was a day I have been waiting for for quite some time picture day! I so wanted to get family pics when Kylie was younger, but my whole state of mind after having our first child didn't exactly allow for that. So I was determined to have them done at 6 months, and well that was during the time when our lives were turned upside down, and well Kylie was so chunked up from the meds that it just didn't work out either. So I was bound and determined to have them taken at 9 months...I had no idea that when you want a good photographer, and need them taken outside to avoid using a flash (because of the whole sensitivity that can cause seizures..not that Kylie has ever responded to them during the EEGs, we just don't want to take risks), that you don't always get in that day or the next day. SO, we had family pics with Kylie at 10 months old, and it was quite the day.

The final decision on what we were wearing didn't happen until the day before pics, and wow I was worried that it wasn't all going to come together in time. Yes, that is right, the biggest problem I had to deal with recently is what we were going to wear! I know, I know, some families may be wishing that was the least of their worries, but I have been there too...not knowing how we would make it through, but we did. Lots and lots of Prayer...that's all you can do.

Poor Kylie is getting a molar in and boy is she fussy and does not always care to eat sometimes, and especially when dad is around...I usually have to kick him out of the room when I am feeding her. Since I was out getting my hair cut and some my makeup done (oh yeah, I was going all out :)...this was such a big day for us, especially to me) it was up to dad to feed the munchkin, and from what I was told it did not go over well at all. The little lady was super unhappy, so I was worrying that our big day was about to unfold before it even got started.

We got to the park and snap snapping of pictures for the next hour and a half or so. It was so much fun, and so tiring at the same time. Trying to keep Kylie happy and smiling, and walking all over for all different types of pics...I think it is time this momma starts going on more walks with Kylie. Anyway, all of the playing and lifting Kylie up caused her to spit up at least 5 times or so. We hadn't been taking pics for too long when she spit up the first time...I said "oh no, I guess our photo shoot is over." Our photographer assured me we were still good to go, and if need be she could do wonders with photoshop.

I am sooo anxious to see the pics, but it may be 1-2wks until they are ready for viewing. I am excited to see the ones when we were on the boat dock where Kylie was crawling toward our photographer...I think she was really just going after the camera :)

I forgot to ask the our photgrapher to get a pic of my shoes and Kylie's..they are kind of similar and I thought it would be sweet to see little feet next to momma's. So, Matt took some pics when we got home. Here's to little feet...

So yes, it was a long day and we were all so tired when we got home, but the long weekend will give us time to recuperate.


baby trevor's mommy said...

Can't wait to see the photos! But have to say...the tootsie shot is a keeper! Super cute!

And it's okay to worry about what to wear btw. It helps make us feel normal still!


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

I totally stress about picture day outfits. It is so hard to find just the right coordinating outfits. I hope you post pics because I can't wait to see them.

MJStump said...

danielle, i know i am so anxious to see the pics too! the pic of her little feet is so sweet..just so little!

thanks for letting me worry about what to's nice to have some normal back :)

elaine, yes it was a long time until i decided on what to wear. i really wanted to do purple for epilepsy, but no luck getting things to match so i had to give up on that. i will post pics or a link or something as soon as they are ready.

Jennifer said...

I love your blog!!! And I loved meeting and working with your family. Really I did. I told my assistant, Hadley, as we were driving away from the shoot how much I liked you guys. You all are so kind, so sweet, and I loved how open you were. And, to be honest Jody, it surprised me to hear you say the photoshoot must be over after Kylie spit up. The thought never crossed my on earth can a little spit up stop a photoshoot? lol She did all did. And I just now realized after reading this post that Matt told me not to use flash when we first spoke....ummmm, I used quite a bit of flash on those dock shot. So sorry about that. I must have been stressing you out!

MJStump said...

So glad you love the blog as much as we do! It's our little way of archiving our experiences with Kylie as life happens.

I think my fear of the shoot being over after her spit up was just that it wasn't in the plans for the perfect day I had in my head...I am bit of a perfectionist, so the littlest thing can stress me out. No worries with the flashes, it was pretty subtle with how bright it was outside, so we were okay with it.

Thanks again, and I will email you soon :)


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