Tuesday, September 18, 2012

So silly, and farewell to Ohio

Pretty amazing to think I am finally finishing up with the posts from Ohio...I know, I think I am further behind than usual.  Oh well, that's what you get with a 3 yr old :)
Kylie wanted to swim a bit at my parents house while we were there.  So we filled up her little pool and in she went. 
I'm not sure how this started, but I think Kylie realized she left a booty print on the porch from her wet bathing suit. 
Oh yes, look at that proud face from all the booty tracks she left behind...takes after her dadda with being silly.
Love this pic of the moment shared between her and my mom.

Yep, more silly moments with Kylie.
So sad that we will be leaving soon.
And away she goes!
I didn't realize this was all that was left of the Ohio posts, but here it is.  It was a good trip all in all, and a great visit with her neuro at the Cleveland Clinic.  I know Kylie had lots of fun as we were busy most days we were there. 

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