Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Scholarship Fundraising Event

Hello everyone!  You may have noticed the beautiful pic of Kylie just to the right of this post.  Well, if you click on it or simply click here....it will take you to the page I created for Team Kylie.  Every year Kylie's school, Lee Ann Britain Infant Development Center, has one of their biggest fundraising events for the scholarship program at the school.  You see, the scholarship program allows families to send their children to this incredible school where they can receive therapies and have all the right professionals (OT, PT, ST, etc) by their side as they attend school for a much more affordable cost.  Kylie is a scholarship recipient, as are the majority of children that attend her school. 

My hopes of creating this page is to bring more awareness to the Lee Ann Britain Infant Development Center, as well as help raise money for the very program that has afforded us to send Kylie to their school. 

If you are interested in making a donation to Team Kylie, remember you can just click here to do that.  Oh, and there is an added bonus if we reach our goal.  Since the time to donate ends in November, which happens to be epilepsy awareness month...I will dye my hair purple!  I have already confirmed a stylist to do the job, so we just need your help in reaching our goal.   No, it won't be some crazy clown hair, but something more like this.  So let's reach that goal to make my hair purple for Epilepsy Awareness Month in November!

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