Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Park, mini golf, and bowling oh my! (Ohio Trip)

It was a goal of mine to get Kylie to go to the park that I went to growing up.  We try to take her there each time we visit, so it was a must!  I called the municipal building earlier in the week to find out what activities were going on, so we could pick a good day to go.  I was hoping to meet up with some old friends and their kiddos, but we were running behind and it just didn't work out : (
Once we made it to the park, they had already begun the tie dye deal that was going on.  We hopped right in and got on our fancy gloves to get to work.  The teen that helped us told us that it is all about the twist, to achieving the best tie dye effect.  So here we are twisting away.
This is how most of the pics I take come out too...she either turns away or runs away...so I just look cheesy smiling :)
Now it's time to add some color.  Those of you that know Kylie will know that she only wanted one color...her favorite...blue

Once we were all done, we bagged up or shirt and headed to play at the park!
I always thought those slides were so tall, and I bet she does too!

This merry go round has been there forever...so glad she got to play on it!
Now it was time to head into the pavilion to paint...

...you guessed it...blue! 


A bit more climbing around before we headed for some DQ.

So I have to tell you about these crunchy sprinkles that do not exist at any DQ around here.  They are delicious, and I asked if I could buy some.  I told the story that I used to live there, and we can't get them back in Kansas.  They called the owner...he had them interrogate a bit and find out my name...I also tossed in that my brother worked at the gas station right next store.  Score!  He let me buy this 6 lb carton...pretty sure it will stay in our fridge for a long time before it is gone.  Love them!


Sometime later that evening after some dinner and a nap, we went to play some miniature golf.  Here is Matt giving Kylie a lesson...so cute!

That would be Uncle Joey on his phone while he played..multitasking at its finest!

Kylie doing a good job to stay off the green while we played...for the moment of course :)

You can't play miniature golf without getting some ice cream afterwards.  The place is called Buster's and they also have ice cream..can't refuse.  I think this is the last year that we were able to get by with Kylie getting a free cone for being little...okay so she was like just over 40 inches, but they were okay with that. 
Here is her there last year...so little!

It must have been the next day or so, but we met up with my cousin and her little girl to do some bowling and let the girls play together.

I think it is safe to say that they had a good time...they were so cute together!

Lastly, that night we met up with my good friend Karen and her hubby for dinner.  I have been friends with Karen as long as I can remember..at least since I started kindergarten or so.  We had so much fun, and Kylie loved her and as you can see...lots of smiles after we ate dinner. 


One more cute pic of Kylie...just because :)

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