Thursday, February 4, 2010


This is a Kylie original. Isn't it spectacular!! Her great-grandma celebrated her 85th birthday on Feb. 1st, so we thought it would be great for her to receive a gift with some special touches from Kylie.

We got some finger paint and put a sheet down and got Kylie dressed in some clothes that were okay to get messy. Problem is, Kylie was not interested in sticking her hands in anything, so forget getting her to then smear her hands on some paper. So what did we do? Well, as Kylie was making her rounds (running laps from one room to the next) we grabbed a hand and dunked it in the colors, and globbed them on the paper, then cleaned the hand and let her run some more laps....lather, rinse, repeat a couple more times. I know, not what we expected or intended, but we all survived and Kylie was awesome throughout!

We brought the gifts over in a box and as you can see below, Kylie enjoyed playing in the box. Her great-grandma had some measuring cups, spoons, and coasters all ready for Kylie to play with. Kylie took advantage of playing with the new toys and surrounded herself with them in her box.

Kylie having a staring contest with her great-grandma.

Kylie barely fit in the box before adding all of the odds and ends to it. She sure did have a good time though :)


baby trevor's mommy said...

Very very very cute!


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

She is too cute. It is crazy to think of the things a child can entertain themselves with for hours on end.


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