Friday, February 26, 2010

Kisses and cuddles

Matt and I were so happy on Sunday when Kylie gave us each a kiss upon request. I had just gotten her to kiss one of her dolls, and then asked if she could give mama a kiss. I turned my cheek and she put her mouth on it and got it a little goobery! Of course I screamed with excitement, as I do with everything new thing she does...I can't help it, it is so awesome to watch her grow :) Then Matt asked if she could give him a kiss, and he gave her his cheek, and smoocheroo she did!

It was Monday morning while Kylie and I were playing in her room and she was pointing at something. I looked to see that she was pointing at the wall behind her crib. You see, I had painted a tree with a couple birds and a monkey when we were decorating her nursery. She then pointed at the letters above her crib that spell out her name. It was so great to see how much more she is noticing all the things around her, and how she wants to know what everything is. She will point and then go ''ehh", and that is our cue to tell her what something is. Awesome!

Also this week, Kylie cuddled a bit with me on the couch before bedtime. After we get her all ready for bed, she gets her paci and snuggie and then our hope is for her to quiet down and if we are super lucky, get her to cuddle for maybe a minute. Well, she is getting used to the fact that it is quite comfy on the couch in mommy's arms. I have really enjoyed that she can sit for a few minutes and we can have some sweet, quiet time together.

Kylie had such a great time at Kindermusik last night! She participated in what we were doing, playing with drums, paper lunch bags, and dancing. It was refreshing to see her complying with what everyone else was doing and joining in all the fun. Of course she also had a lot of fun running around the room and boy did she ever dance in excitement! It was definitely fun for both of us to have those silly, happy moments with her. We can never have too much of that.

Lastly, in her class they always have a time where they turn down the lights and play some soothing music, and the idea is for kids to have some quiet time and lay down with their parents. Some kids run around and look at everyone, and others do the whole quiet deal. Typically you will find Kylie running around and squatting down by others and smiling at them and kind of wondering what they are doing. Last night was a first...she stopped after a minute or two of running around and just laid down on the floor. It was cute and we were shocked. Then she came over and laid down right next to Matt. How awesome is that! We don't know if she was tired, or just realizing that it is okay to stop and have quiet time like some of the other kiddos. Either way, we were happy to see her getting it, and then doing it.

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