Sunday, February 7, 2010

Can I get a sign?

Okay, so we have tried a litle bit of sign language with know, some way for us to communicate since she is holding out on the talking right now.

Well, tonight she did the sign for more! Isn't that so great :) We sure think so, but then again we are mom and dad..lucky us!

Matt says that he thought she did it last night, but tonight we definitely saw it, repeated it, and snapped a couple pics of it.

Here is what she did a couple times. Hitting both fists together.

Then she started to get it right, but reversed the hands...almost there.

Matt got her to do it the right way a little bit later....sorry no pics of that. No matter how she does it, we know what she means and it is great that we saw the means so much more than more.

Way to go little mama! We love you so much!!

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