Sunday, February 7, 2010

Humpty Dumpty

Yep...Kylie had a great fall last night. She was running around, being silly like her usual self and then a loud noise, followed by a brief pause and a terrible cry. My poor baby girl tripped and hit her head on the filing cabinet. We believe her head caught the handle of the filing cabinet.

I grabbed her to console her and immediately saw a huge baby goose egg poke out of her head and it was blue. I thought I was going to be sick, because I didn't know what it meant or what to do. I handed her to Matt, as I began to freak out and that just scared poor Kylie even sorry Kylie.

We grabbed her coat and ours, and thought we would just go to the ER. I mean goodness, if you saw her poor little head and not to mention the fact that we don't want to risk anything happening to her head after what we have been through the past year.

Matt called Rosemary, nurse from our ped's office that has been so sweet and caring. She came here several times through the course of the ACTH to visit with us and lend support. She was the nurse that quickly became an expert on getting Kylie's blood pressure, which had to be checked during our bi-weekly visits to the ped's office.

Anyhow, Rosemary explained that it is good that it formed a bump so fast and outside of the skin for us to see...this meaning the swelling is on the outside and not in the brain. It turning blue is because there are a lot of blood vessels in the front of the head, so the blood just pooled around that area of trauma. Oh, and that it will more than likely drain and she will have a black eye since it is above her eyebrow.

Rosemary and her husband John were so nice to let us come over so she can take a look at Kylie and give her thoughts. Kylie was great with them and started playing and doing just fine. How much we love Rosemary and John for being an extended family to us and caring they way they do about Kylie and us :) Thank you guys so much!

Here is a pick we got today...1 day after getting her back together again. It looks so much better than it did last night, and she is still so cute even with the colorful bump.

Oh yeah...I told Matt that I don't think I can do know, dealing with her falling and getting hurt. It just makes me sick and breaks my heart, and makes me worry even more. I also told him she will never learn to ride a bike, or drive, or any of that heart will just explode.

Another pic...this time with a bow. Just seconds before she yanked it off :)

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