Monday, April 20, 2009

He has prepared us...

In about an hour and a half Kylie will be heading down for her MRI, as long as we are still on schedule. It was somewhere around 11pm last night when we received a couple of emails that just grabbed our hearts and allowed us to see that we now have a sense of peace, and He has prepared our hearts for whatever lies ahead for Kylie, for our family.

These last couple of days have been quite challenging and have really tested our faith in Him. Through the help of so many wonderful people that He has placed in our lives, we have been able to truly see Him as our Father, the God almighty, who has and will continue to lead us along the path that He has created for us. Going back and recounting all of the moments where His presence has been so great, has helped us not only see Him but feel Him right here. How awesome is He! It is through Him that we will get through whatever is in store for Kylie and our family, because there is no other way. He is our Father, and He will never leave us. He loves us so much and that feels so great! He gave us this beautiful, amazing little girl, and we love her more than anything! We have always felt so blessed that we are her parents, that He gave her to us. He is definitely showering us with so many blessings and all the love we need. I'm not sure either one of us really and truly knew the power of His love for us, but it is AMAZING!! We would not want or have it any other way...there is no other way.

He carried us through. He has prepared us, and we are ready to follow.

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