Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Step

Well, we have the tenative results from our EEG yesterday. Now, Dr. LePichon hasn't called with the official word yet, but he stopped by during the procedure and after checking out the monitor he told both Jody and I that he thought she was improving based on seeing "spindles" in her sleep. I guess that's a good thing. He reiterated that we're on the right track with this medicine. We sure hope he's right.

The spasms have increased in intensity and duration, making Kylie more aware that something is going on. These changes frighten her, so we just do our best to comfort her and talk to her throughout. She is also having mini episodes that last just a couple minutes or less, and are pretty easy to miss, so we are doing our best to document what we see.

We will be sure to post any new findings after we speak with the neurologist. Until then, we anxiously await by the phone and continue to pray and enjoy every single moment.

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