Monday, April 20, 2009

Another Step In The Right Direction

Well kids, we got some good news today. Not necessarily the "everything is going to be fine" kind of good news, but definitely good news nonetheless.

Clean MRI.

Our pastor, Tim, was up when we got the good news. He said those were the best two words of the day. I couldn't agree more, even though "MRI" isn't technically a word. Tim is awesome, even if he is grammatically challenged.

So, the story. Our French buddy, Dr. Le Pichon came in with Dr. Allaboun and "the financial aid lady" all strolled in. Without missing a beat, Dr. Le Pichon just looked at us and said those two wonderful words. We thanked him a ton (and everyone else) and offered to buy them Applebee's for a while - maybe life!

So, we certainly need the prayers to continue, because we're not out of the woods yet. At least the forest now has some beams of sunlight shining through.

How can anyone not believe in Him?

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