Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Here a Christmas, there a Christmas

Hooray, I am finally posting about Christmas, and that means both sides of the family will be very happy that I am posting this :)
So we totally surprised my family and went to Ohio for Christmas.  My dad knew we were coming, which meant the secret was super safe.  My mom had no idea, and it was quite fun to see her face when we walked in the house.
So onto some pics, because you know I like to take lots and lots of them :)
We have a few Christmas traditions in our little family of three that we had to take with us to Ohio.  First is below, Matt reading The Night Before Christmas book to Kylie.

Then there is the milk and cookies from Santa, on the same plate each year...oh and some carrots for the reindeer too.  As you can see the reindeer and Santa enjoyed their treats :)  Our other tradition is homemade cinnamon rolls, sorry somehow I did not get a pic of the deliciousness....probably too busy eating them!

I'm pretty sure this was Kylie opening up her gas station and train cars from Uncle Joey.  Perfect to go with the train that Santa got her!

Here she is opening the Rudolph fabric book I made her...yes, I enjoyed it more because of the labor of love :)

These are the jammies I made her...part of them anyhow.

Grandma Karen and Papa Joe must have a hotline to Santa...they got her the tracks to go with her train.
And the Strawberry Shortcake blanket I made her.

Digging way down deep into that stocking!

She was showing off her Monkey Hat from Aunt Jen...she wears it all the time too!

It goes perfect with her coat from Aunt Jen too...another thing she insists on wearing every day...she loves it!

Lots of silly socks from Aunt Jen too...she loves socks, the only kid ever to love such a thing :)

And a blue monkey, her favorite color...from her Aunt Jen!

Running over to give her Aunt Jen a big hug for all her presents.

Haha, so I was wanting to start a wager to see if the fire department would be called for deep frying the turkey or the fire pit..just kidding, I know they had it under control.  Matt and my dad had a good time working on the bird and keeping warm by the fire.

Oh yeah I almost forgot, Kylie got the Blue Crew package for Christmas too, and she is definitely one of the cutest Royals fans!

Matt sporting some pajama pants I made him.  The fabric is cars, since he loves to buy her hotwheels cars all the time...right now she has about 100 or just over that..crazy!

And now it is time for some fun in the snow! I love how she waddled with her snowpants on from Grandma Karen and Papa Joe.

Happy because she is about to chuck that snow at someone!

Can't play in the snow without making a snow angel.

This one is too cute...she is running away after she chucked the snowball at Matt. 
All sorts of rosey cheeks and waiting for some hot chocolate after she came in from the snow.

 She loved everything about Ohio and was asking when we are going back to see everyone when we were driving back to Kansas.
Speaking of Kansas, how about some more Christmas here.  She is the best helped and did such a great job passing out all of the presents to everyone. 
And here is where she began opening up everything.

As much as I tried to keep things separate to know what was from everyone, I totally could not remember.  This little lady was surely spoiled by everyone alike.

I'm pretty sure these are the paper bag puppets that her Grandma Nancy got her, and she absolutely loves them! 

Another favorite gift...chocolate from Frandma.  She loves her chocolate and we owe that to Frandma...a way to Kylie's heart for sure!
And the grand finale...a car for Kylie!

She loves her new ride, and it even has an radio in it!  My favorite is the remote that comes with it...I can drive her all around and she just giggles so much!

Kylie and Frandma enjoying their favorite...chocolate!  We found this cake at a restaurant and tracked down the bakery that supplies them, and ordered a couple (Chocolate Mousse Torte) Love them!

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