Thursday, February 28, 2013

Snow Days

 It ended up being that Kylie had some sort of stomach virus that started on Valentine's Day and lasted for about 5 fun for anyone, and then Matt and I got a touch of it too, but luckily not as bad as the kiddo.

So what happens when she is well and ready to return to school....a snow storm, and no school, and then another snow storm and no school again. 

We were all getting some cabin fever, first locked up for sickness, and then because of all the snow.  I think we got about 10 inches (give or take) each snow storm, so it has definitely been piling up outside. 

The best thing was to get out there and play in it and enjoy it, and then come in for some hot chocolate and nice nap for everyone :) 

Here are some pics I captured of our snow monkey!



I love that little smile, too bad it is because she was ready to chuck that snow at me!

Nothing like our girl making a snow it!

Another smile, with a larger snowball to throw at me while I took her
We all worked to make a giant snowman, and if the snowman's nose goes missing, you might want to ask the little lady below....chomping on a carrot.

Hooray, our giant snowman...snowwoman? 

Looks like I put these pics in here in the wrong order....the pics all above are from the 2nd snow storm and the last couple are from the first one...oh well, snow is snow, right :)

This one looks kinda funny, Matt is trying to hollow out the igloo he made for Kylie, but it looks more like he got buried in the


Here is our little snow monkey crawling inside her igloo!

Hope you enjoyed our snow pics.  I know, I still need to post about Christmas..I will get there one day :)


Celina Santana James said...

These are great pics. I can't believe all that snow in Kansas. I sure don't miss that but i'm glad you guys had a good time and also she is feeling better

MJStump said...

We haven't gotten this much snow in forever! She sure loved playing in it, and it is a great way to ensure she takes a nap :)


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