Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kylie's Grandma Nancy bought her such a beautiful dress for her to wear for Christmas.  I was instantly in love with it when we saw it, and the matching tights and shoes...simply beautiful!  I took the shoes to a store with me to try and match the color to make a headband.  I found the perfect match, and it all came together so perfectly for our princess!
With everything all put together, we were off to meet the big guy!  So here are some pics I got of her before we headed out. 

Despite what Matt may say, she is not praying for me to stop taking her pics :)
They had this old truck outside the store with lights on it...Kylie thought it would be fun to hop on the side. 
 Here we are getting close look at one of Santa's elves.
Look, it's one of Frosty's friends!
Kylie and Matt playing with the electric race track.

Time to drive the trains

Okay, so the big guy wasn't scheduled to show up until later that afternoon, it's okay because it was good practice and she got to sit in his chair for this sweet pic!

This girl absolutely loves to make silly faces.  It is almost tiring for me to do her hair in the morning, because she keeps on making silly faces at herself in the mirror.  I try to enforce a no wiggling, and no faces while I do you hair, but she just can't help herself....she is her father's daughter aka goofball.
There's my sweet girl!

Okay, so I think this way from Operation Meet Santa take 2. 

She's got her letter to Santa with what she wants and good things she did this year (last year).
First time she sat by Santa all by herself, and we didn't need to be in the pic too!  She smiled for the pic they took, and that was incredible!  Yay for her getting so big and doing so many great things!

They had a carousel at Bass Pro too and she was so happy to get the Polar Bear!

Beautiful smile and looking at the camera! 
This one is just too sweet!
We went over to visit Frandma to make a gingerbread house she had gotten for us.  I thought working on it with her would be for some fun and sweet memories to share.  These girls were hard at work.  I think it was the first gingerbread house for all of us, so that made it more fun!
I think it turned out great!
After we were all finished, Kylie asked Frandma to read her a book that Frandma used to read to Matt when he was little.   I couldn't help but snap a couple pics of the two ladies.
This is one that would just melt your heart!

A quick snapshot of Kylie wearing a Christmas outfit I made her.

We were so happy to join our friends and the celebration of their sweet little girl's first birthday!  Sorry, I didn't get a good shot of the three of them together but this one sure is cute! 
Kylie was so happy to see her friend Dylan at the party...just look at how cute they are together!

Our little lady was under the weather, so we hung out on the couch for a few days watching movies and laying low.  She just looks so sad when she is sick :(


She was finally fever free, but not really up to snuff for her last OT session.  Yep, she graduated from OT and it was to be her last session, but we opted out to play it safe since she was still pretty run down.  We did get to drop off some gifts for her OT.  A scarf and a photo book I made of Kylie and her OT, as well as pics of Kylie doing things she didn't do before but can now do....all thanks to her OT!

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