Thursday, January 31, 2013

Christmas Dream Come True!

Once again, forever behind on blogging...buuut, I have a great excuse :)  Apparently, I have reached my limit on pics posted on the blog.  Google says I can change that buy paying to upgrade...umm, no.  So I got around that, but posting pics to Matt's Google+ account, and then I have to upload them here.  A total pain, but it beats paying Google.

I can not believe that I didn't post about this yet.  This was one of the best days we had in 2012.  Kylie has grown and made leaps and bounds of progress in the last 6 months or so of 2012. Our hearts will always be on a bit of a roller coaster, but for the first time in a long time, I feel like nothing can stop her from achieving anything her heart desires.  She has just come so far, and a lot of those hopes and dreams we had for her when she was born are getting some color back in them and are even getting checked off the list!  Kylie is a ROCKSTAR!

So the big, BIG achievement was her Christmas program at the Lee Ann Britain Infant Development Center.  Last year was hard, oh was it tough on our hearts.  This year we talked with her docs, and formulated a plan.  We would drop her off with someone, have someone else go film it, and give her a chance to shine stress free...not feeling like she has too many eyes on her.  The plan was tough, because we just wanted to be there to watch our girl shine.  We wanted her to know that we wanted to be there so much, but couldn't allow the risk of her getting anxious about things. 

We also did not talk to Kylie about the program, and just let her do the talking.  She told us how last year she cried, but this year she was doing it.  I will tell you, when the little lady sets her mind to just let her go.

Last year, it took a long time for things to get going and for her class to go on stage.  So we decided that we would not get there so early, and eliminate the chance of her getting stressed from being there so long and having to wait.  Haha...things were in gear this year, so we were actually almost late...oops! 

It all worked out just great, and we didn't leave...we hid behind a giant pillar...wish someone would have snapped a pic of that!  Kylie's OT was even assigned to attend, just to be there for support if Kylie needed it. Oh, and I also made a last minute weighted lap blanket for her to have too.  You will love this, Kylie's OT was more there for Kylie to chat with, and she held Kylie's weighted lap blanket....Kylie didn't need either one!  So her OT scooched further and further back, so Kylie could show us how incredible she is! 

I was instantly in tears when I saw her go up there, and the thing is...she was just so relaxed, looking all around while she sat up there.  It was just BEAUTIFUL!  She is amazing, just amazing.  I know there have been so many positives along the way recently, and all I have to say to God is, "don't worry, I got the message loud and clear...she is destined to great things and so much more."  Praise God for such precious moments that we will never forget. 

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