Thursday, May 19, 2011

School's Out...

Today was Kylie's last day of school. I was trying to figure what I would do today, and how much I would be able to get done on my last free day. Well, I ended up being non-productive and delivered a baby blanket to Kylie's Kindermusik teacher...she is expecting baby boy #2 next week.

I also had lunch with Matt...that was nice to have some time together, and actually get to enjoy a meal once it is served :) Funny thing is we were/are both so tired, I think we could have easily fallen asleep at any moment.

Oh yeah...this blog is about Kylie, not me :)

So I arrived at 2:30pm to bring a last day of school treat for the kids, and most of them were still asleep from naptime.

I woke Kylie up at 2:45, so she could enjoy a cupcake and spend a few more minutes with her classmates before the day was through. I think she was a bit startled, because not only was I waking her up, but her teacher walked over to open the blinds (right next to Kylie), and started talking to her too.

Kylie began to cling to me, and then started crying...all worked up. She was stressed about eating a cupcake...I think it was more about eating a cupcake around other people. Made me kinda sad for her. I had my camera with me, so I could take some pics of Kylie with her friends. I wasn't able to take any pics, because Kylie wouldn't leave my's like she was scared.

She has been like that the last couple of times when I have picked her up. The teachers haven't said anything...I get a little sheet on her day, and nothing is too different. She almost never eats the snacks they give, and usually won't do the art activities. Makes me kind of sad to see her not being able to experience these new things that are presented to her, and reaffirms her need for continued therapy.

She has always been picky about eating new things, but doesn't eat most of the lunch I pack her either. I know she eats better when no one is around, but she can't always do that.

I know this is a lot about how I feel...but it is because I worry about how it will affect her, and how she will feel about things when she is older and recognizes the gap between what she isn't comfortable with, and how big that gap is. I don't ever want her to feel left out.

Kinda made me sad when the moms were taking the kids things from their boxes...Kylie's was empty, because she won't do the projects they have for the kids. Makes me wonder if she just sets there while they do their work, or is off by herself.

Breaks my heart.

Then I see this sweet face, and it melts my heart.


Rochelle said...

There will be many projects that she will joyfully bring home you just wait!

MJStump said...

I sure hope so.

We are meeting with her therapist tomorrow, and I am about certain that they plan to discontinue her therapy...we just need a few more months until she is 3, to improve her chances of qualifying with the school district.


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