Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Purple People

As usual...I am late on my posts, and behind on many more :) I like to say it is because Kylie has me so busy...and when I have free time, it seems to get filled up pretty fast. Such is life I suppose :)

I wanted to be sure to do this post on Purple Day 2011. We told Kylie that it was Purple Day, and when we would ask her what day it was, she would smile and say "It's Purple Day!"

Here is a snippet of a video that we got of her saying it:

Kylie got all decked out for Purple Day, from the crown, necklace, bracelets...she even had a purple purse too :)

Here is a quick family pic we took that day. I edited it and made it all cute, but for some reason it wouldn't upload, so you get the original pic....still cute though :)

After a couple times going to an open gym at a gymnastics place, we thought it would be the perfect way to spread the Purpleness we were all wearing. We even had one of the girls that worked there ask if we had family pictures taken since we all matched. We smiled, and Matt filled her in on what Purple Day is. Here is a pic of Kylie after she jumped in the big pit...her favorite thing to do there!

So what is better than a pic of Kylie after she jumped into the pit of foam blocks? How about a video of her doing it, and jumping down the long trampoline too.

Later that day, we made cookies and of course they had to be decorated with something purple! I made some purple icing, and we had purple sprinkles too. Here are some cute pics of Kylie decorating some cookies.

Mmmm Mmmm

So excited that she licked the icing off her finger, and didn't stress too much that it was on her hand :)

Below are some wonderful pics that our friends sent us in support of Kylie all those with epilepsy on Purple Day. Just like last year, I cried when I saw all the pics they sent me, and the number of people that participated with them.

Love this pic of Annika wearing her purple!

Below are pics of Matt and his co-workers sporting their purple!

Thank you all again for wearing your purple in support of Kylie and all those with epilepsy!


Rochelle said...

Oh we are so sorry we missed your call for purple day we totally would have worn it! We love purple! I think Alayna needs to come and have summer camp at your house you always have such great crafy ideas going!

MJStump said...

Feel free to wear purple whenever you want, and I will add your pic to our blog!

You are so sweet, and we definitely should do some crafty things with the girls this summer :)


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