Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pics, pics, and more pics!

Okay, so after taking some super cute pics of Kylie a couple days has kept me taking more and more pics over the last 2 days. I thought I would share them with you all. The very first one is definite that I plan to have a large print made of.

Yes, I did a bit of editing to the first bunch, so you will see that they are all black and white, and really beautiful....all thanks to Kylie :)

Really love this one too!

Talking on one of her many cell phones

I thought it was time for Kylie to get haircut #2. Her bangs were finally growing out enough and catching up to the rest of her hair...but trailing behind enough that she sometimes looked like she had a mullet type style.

There are a couple pics of her getting her hair cut. We were a bit nervous because the stylist that cut her hair the first time was no longer there....and Kylie is big on the whole predictability of things, and having things consistant. She never ceases to amaze us though....she let the new stylist put a cape on her and blow dry her hair...something she wasn't okay with the first time she got her hair cut. YAY for our big girl!

Look how cute her hair is!

Enjoying a much needed popsicle after recovering from getting a big owie on her elbow. You can even see the dried tears on her cheek.

So the popsicle was all over her clothes, so we went inside to change, and put on yet another dress. Kylie wants to wear a dress every day lately...kinda cute :) Anyhow, when we got back outside, she fell fun. I told Kylie we should go inside, and she screamed NO...said she was okay. Then I caught her examining her hands to see if she got another owie...she did, but wouldn't let me near her.

Checking out some bugs...making sure they don't come near her

She found a baby pinecone, and was so excited to show it to Matt when he got home today. She insisted it was an acorn, and was not too pleased when we told her it was a baby she is checking it out to see that mom and dad were right.

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