Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hippity Hoppity, Easter was here!

We were getting close to running out of time to take Kylie to see the Easter Bunny, and I think everyone else in the area had the same idea as us that day.  The line to the see the big bunny was wrapped around the store, so that was about a 40 minute wait or so to see him.  Kylie was a trooper as always, and below you can see a couple pics of her peeking at the bunny while she waited her turn.

She wasn't so sure about him, and got pretty uncomfortable, but pulled through in time to capture a pic.  She bounced back especially when he handed her some candy after the pic. 

Letting her dadda carry her while she was opening that candy :)

This was a cute one of Kylie looking at her pic with the Easter Bunny.

Now we roll into Easter morning, and you can see we still have some crazy hair days, but much improved.  She wasn't so sure about checking into her Easter basket, but I know one day she will run down the stairs with excitement to see what the bunny brought her.
Oh my, so many things that he had to use two baskets!

Very Happy to see an Ariel princess in the basket!

The previous weekend we had about 8 inches of snow, so we weren't sure if the Easter egg hunt would inside or out, but it melted and dried up well enough to keep up the tradition of finding eggs outside.   As you can see, Kylie was super excited!

I can't believe how big her little hands are getting...too fast.

She needed to stop a moment and check out what was inside the eggs.


I love this one...she was playing with the miniature tea set her Grandma Nancy got for her.  So sweet!

Onto Easter Egg Hunt number #2 at Grandma Nancy's. 


Love how she decided to carry her basket like a purse :)

This is totally Kylie, laughing and being silly because she thinks she is incredibly funny!
I was so happy to see how well this pic came out...Kylie with Grandma Nancy and Frandma

Doing some pretty serious work drawing outside with some chalk.  She loves art and really gets into her work.

This one captures Kylie perfectly!  Love her smile and how she can just light up the world. 


Friday, April 5, 2013

Our Princess

We planned to take Kylie to see Disney on Ice this year, since she enjoyed it so much last year.  I thought a fun way to surprise her would be to make her a princess dress to wear to the show.  I got so excited to make her a Snow White dress, and then I hear a commercial on the radio and they don't mention Snow White's name as part of the show.  Let's not forget to mention that I was wrong on the date of the show, and hurried to make her the Snow White dress, and the show wasn't until the following week.
So I made her a Rapunzel dress, since she is all about the Tangled movie recently, and guess what she chose to wear....yep, Snow White :)
She does make a beautiful Snow White

Waiting in line and ready to see the show!

A smiling pic of her at the show...yay!

I am happy to say it only took her about 5 min to warm up before she started to really enjoy the show, big change from last year, when it was about a 30 min warm up time.  Way to go girl!

Yes, when we got home she decided she needed to be Rapunzel, so here she is all Rapunzel-like.

Later we were at the shoe store, and you can not keep her from wearing a pair of heels, especially platforms. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Purple Power Bowling!

Below is a picture Matt had snapped the day Kylie was diagnosed with IS.  I'm not sure, but I think it was right before we got the actual diagnosis.  At any rate, our lives were forever changed, and the color purple came to mean so much more for our family.
So we started the Purple Day celebration a bit early.  Kylie and I went to the mall, and they just so happened to have 2 slices of this yummy cookie cake left.  Since it was purple with some sparkly sprinkles, we knew it was meant for us!

Below are pictures that I was tagged in from some of my FB friends.  Love all the purpleness from our friends near and far!

When I arrived to pick Kylie up from school on Purple Day, some of our friends greeted us there to give each of us one of these:
Our friends were wearing some purple, and had a family member make Kylie and I matching rings and necklaces.  Such a thoughtful gesture, and we absolutely love wearing them! 
Miss Purple herself, was not about any pictures, but it is kinda cute to see that forced smile too :)

Love this one of her looking at her ring...just precious!

She was totally over having me take her picture so she laid down in hopes of me stopping...nope :)

We had two purple days, since Kylie attends two schools.  It also happens to be that her class was having a field trip to the bowling alley on Purple Day #2 for us.
Here is a pic of one of her friends from class wearing purple for Kylie!

I was so touched pretty much all the kids wore purple for Kylie and their moms did too!  It's such a heartwarming moment to see so many people supporting your child and family. 

Below you can see her getting on her shoes and getting ready to bowl!

Loving the friendships and purpleness!

We just love her friend here, and isn't he the cutest little man in purple!


I don't know if you all remember Kylie's bowling experience from last year, but it was tough on all of us.  She remembers everything, and was telling me about how last year was for her.  I acted surprised, and didn't bring much attention to it.  I just didn't want to put any pressure on her for this year's field trip.

This year was a new year for Kylie...she was so excited, and had no trouble at all.  She bowled by herself, had fun, smiled, and did lots of cheering for her friends!  It was such a victory for her and us.  It just reminds us how far she has come, and we couldn't be more proud!

Snack time is everyones favorite time! 

I tried to get a pic of Kylie and her teacher, and she was so hyped up from the day that she was not about to stop from being silly.  So silly she was, and always making us smile!

This wasn't the best one of the two of us together, but there is something about her sweet, and beautiful face that I could stare at forever.  Love this girl more than words can say!

This was just one to show my purple hair.  Kind of tough to get it in the light just right, but Kylie thought it was fun for her momma to have purple hair.

Yay, we got a good shot!

We went out to eat, with Kylie choosing where to go...and she was trying to tell Matt something.  Apparently she wanted his fully attention, and this is how she managed to do that...

Since Matt is rarely wanting his pic taken, I managed to get this one of them hand in hand. 

I really do love my ring and necklace, and they speak more to my heart than most could understand.  Hope is what we need to help us get through it all, and lots of faith that no matter what happens we can do this through Him.


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