Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hippity Hoppity, Easter was here!

We were getting close to running out of time to take Kylie to see the Easter Bunny, and I think everyone else in the area had the same idea as us that day.  The line to the see the big bunny was wrapped around the store, so that was about a 40 minute wait or so to see him.  Kylie was a trooper as always, and below you can see a couple pics of her peeking at the bunny while she waited her turn.

She wasn't so sure about him, and got pretty uncomfortable, but pulled through in time to capture a pic.  She bounced back especially when he handed her some candy after the pic. 

Letting her dadda carry her while she was opening that candy :)

This was a cute one of Kylie looking at her pic with the Easter Bunny.

Now we roll into Easter morning, and you can see we still have some crazy hair days, but much improved.  She wasn't so sure about checking into her Easter basket, but I know one day she will run down the stairs with excitement to see what the bunny brought her.
Oh my, so many things that he had to use two baskets!

Very Happy to see an Ariel princess in the basket!

The previous weekend we had about 8 inches of snow, so we weren't sure if the Easter egg hunt would inside or out, but it melted and dried up well enough to keep up the tradition of finding eggs outside.   As you can see, Kylie was super excited!

I can't believe how big her little hands are getting...too fast.

She needed to stop a moment and check out what was inside the eggs.


I love this one...she was playing with the miniature tea set her Grandma Nancy got for her.  So sweet!

Onto Easter Egg Hunt number #2 at Grandma Nancy's. 


Love how she decided to carry her basket like a purse :)

This is totally Kylie, laughing and being silly because she thinks she is incredibly funny!
I was so happy to see how well this pic came out...Kylie with Grandma Nancy and Frandma

Doing some pretty serious work drawing outside with some chalk.  She loves art and really gets into her work.

This one captures Kylie perfectly!  Love her smile and how she can just light up the world. 


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