Thursday, April 28, 2011

How to feed a fish

-- by Kylie

Step 1: Get the can of fish food. Check.

Step 2: Get a stool and climb up on the kitchen table so you can reach the fish bowl. Check

Step 3: Drop two or three pellets into the bowl. Check...wait. How many?

Jody and I were getting ready for church on Sunday morning when I can downstairs to find Kylie with her hand in the fishbowl and the empty can of food floating on the surface. You can certainly see the floating island of hundreds of pellets. While a little tougher to see, the second picture shows just as many pellets underwater. Besides what wound up in the bowl, the table and floor were covered with these little pellets as well. I'm certain we'll be finding them for weeks to come. I have no idea why they would put so much food in these cans. We only give him two or three pellets a day (or every couple of days) and we had barely made a dent prior to our little accident.

The good news is that Fishy (that's our fish's name) has survived the trauma.

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