Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hippity Hoppity

We kept ourselves fairly busy Easter weekend. We had an Easter egg hunt at church that I helped out with a bit, and Kylie had a great time collecting the eggs and running around, and enjoying the treats she got. Here are a couple pics we got at the church:

Saying hello :)

Love this pic....enjoying her sucker, wondering why daddy is taking a pic of her eating her sucker, and those beautiful big eyes!

So just like last year, I put some bunny feet around the house that led to Kylie's she is early that morning, pointing out the bunny feet and trying to find where they led to.

And yes, she is wearing some Christmas jammies that are a bit small, but insisted on wearing them to bed the night before :)

Totally enjoying what the bunny left for her!

Before we put Kylie down for her nap on Easter Sunday, we had an Easter egg hunt for her at home. Check out the pics we got of her in her Easter dress and searching for eggs.

Kylie soon became an expert at hunting for eggs. She got to search for even more eggs when we got to Grandmas for Easter dinner. Here are some pics: proud of all of her finds!

I'm not sure, but I think Kylie enjoyed her cupcake for dessert :)

I think this is my favorite pic, because I somehow managed to capture I beautiful smile!

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