Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just soaring higher and higher

So today we had a therapy appointment. Kylie was still sleeping from her nap when her therapist came by, so it gave her therapist and I time to go over all the progress Kylie has made and all the goals we still have for her.

One thing I surely love about Kylie's therapist is that she always asks what we want to work on, because new experiences and just all sorts of things tend to change our goals as time goes on. Sometimes I feel like we are just running in circles, because one week I feel like sensory is a huge thing to work on, especially when Kylie can't handle eating things because she is too stressed. Then just a day or two later we can go somewhere and Kylie has a difficult time adjusting to where we are and the new experiences, so then I feel like we need to re-group and work on social situations.

Sorry, I got a bit derailed there...what's new, huh :)

So we did not have a chance to review the results from the last developmental tests that were done from the language study Kylie is in. Click
here for more info on that (language study) from a previous post. Even though we did not have the opportunity to go over the results, I did read over them and all I can say is WOW!

Just take a look yourself:

(Note: Kylie's results from 6 months ago are circled in green, and her results from just last week are circled in purple)

We were also given a chart that is based off of observations of Kylie's language while I play with her. Kylie's vocalizations and gestures have decreased, while her words have just made a HUGE jump! The best part of all is that Kylie has now entered into a new category Child Multiwords!

Our therapist did have a moment to show that to me, and she did note that Kylie is her only kid enrolled in this study that has scored in that category!

I really believe that Kylie is just more AMAZING as she gets older! She has just come so far, and knowing that things could have been much more difficult for her, just makes us see what a miracle she really is!

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JSmith5780 said...

So awesome!! Congrats!


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