Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2 day!

Just wanted to wish a happy, happy birthday to our little girl! Amazing to think that it has been 2 years today, since our lives were forever changed.

We never knew how much thing would change once she arrived, and much she would have changed our hearts. She has taught us so much about ourselves, each other, and how we look at life.

I was planning to have a super sappy post, and fill it with all sorts of emotions, but all I can think of is pure love and joy for this truly Amazing little lady.

Two years ago today.

1 year ago today

2 yrs old!

One sweet little note is that we have been practicing with Kylie and asking her how old she is going to be. She will say two...sounds like "do," and she often holds up one finger. We are working on getting her to hold up one finger on each hand. It is super cute too!


Rochelle said...

Happy "do" year birthday sweet Kylie! Hope it is another terrific year for you.

Rose said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Kylie! She is so adorable and very lucky to have both of you as parents. The love you shower her with helps her to blossom and grow and overcome any obstacles. God Bless you all!!

happy's mommy said...

Oooooh...I'm SO sorry it's belated...but happy birthday!!!!


MJStump said...

Thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes for Kylie!

We love that there are so many of you that care for her and and share in all the joy that she brings!

JSmith5780 said...

A happy (very belated) birthday!!!

MJStump said...

Thanks for the wishes Jen! She had a great bday and party....will post on that one day soon :)


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