Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our little firecracker

We took Kylie to the annual Lenexa 4th of July Parade yesterday. We thought she would enjoy it, but then again you never know how things are going to turn out. Below is a few short video clips mushed into one.

Kylie was very interested in what was going on, but did get a bit worried by some of the sirens and such, which made her reach out for her dada. She did great at waving to everyone going by, and so many people commented on how cute she! I had little flags for her and she waved them proudly too!

There is a Louie Louie band that is always in the parade, and Kylie loved the music. You will see just a little bit of her dancing after they went by. The last little part of the video is when the clowns were coming by. Kids usually like clowns or they don't and well, you will see if Kylie is a fan.

So Kylie looked absolutely A-dorable in her patriotic little dress, so here are a few pics of that. And yes, I made this one too :)

Kissing her reflection

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