Friday, November 6, 2009

Kylie's Boo-day Party

We decided to throw Kylie a 1st Boo-day Party...Matt thought it would be fun to have her 1st birthday as a Halloween theme. Not a bad idea at all, afterall ,I was hoping she would have arrived on Halloween :) Anyhow, I just had one condition...she got to be a fairy princess or something totally girly for her 1st birthday :)

It was quite a bit of work, but I did enjoy searching for lots of fun and creative little touches for her party. Some how the pictures that Matt had taken of all my work got deleted or just vanished, so I will try to paint the scene for you all. We had a cauldron filled with pink potion, and just next to those were jars filled with magic wands covered in magic dust (pretzels dipped in chocolate and covered with halloween sprinkles). I also had slips of paper for guests to write a birthday wish on, and then to place in her pumpkin bucket....I intend to give these to Kylie on her 18th birthday.

The kids were entertained with a ghostbusters game. This was some plastic pipe cut to different sizes and painted white with ghost faces drawn on them, and a ball to throw at them (like bowling). Another game was monster toss, this was three plastic buckets (a ghost and two jack-o-lantern buckets), with plush monsters to toss into them. We also had a hay bale with a scarecrow and pumpkins to use as the back drop for taking some birthday pics....some how that really didn't get

Kylie really enjoyed being able to run all around the room, and she loved being around the other kids! She is definitely a bit of a social butterfly..sooo not like her mom and dad. We had her dressed as a fairy princess and even had a crown to top it off! I found the crown through another IS mommy's website. If you would like a crown for your little prince or princess, please click here, and it will take you to their blog. You can even get one customed made to match an outfit or costume like we did! All of the proceeds help offset the costs of any therapies not covered by their insurance.

Below is a slideshow of pics from her party..enjoy :)

Below is Kylie and her pumpkin cake at her party. Hmmm... it's not looking like she is all too interested in diving into it, so check it out to find out.

It was great to see everyone there, happy and ready to celebrate our princess and how far she has come. She is just amazing and so cute...I can't seem to say that enough!'

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